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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Protect from Odor Naturally: Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorant Sticks

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Protect from Odor Naturally: Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorant Sticks:

Have you explored natural deodorants? As much as I love the odor and wetness protection that I get from my traditional aluminum-based favorite deodorants like Secret, Degree, and Dove, every once in awhile I do like to explore natural deodorant options. Why? Well, there is certainly some information out there that there could potentially be some risks with using aluminum-based deodorants. As far as I know, there is no conclusive evidence of traditional deodorants causing disease. I do not believe that we absorb enough of the aluminum to cause a problem. However, I do believe that aluminum-based deodorants overly disrupt the natural bacteria balance under your arms. While I love the odor protection, I do sometimes question if I should be using something more natural.

So, what is a girl to do? I certainly don't want to "smell"...and I do tend to really need deodorants to fight this. What I am currently trying to do is to use a natural deodorant a few days a week to give my skin a few "off days" from the aluminum-based deodorants. I tend to pick those days based on my schedule and if I am just going to be around the house, etc. If I am working, or have a special occasion, or if I am working out, I am certainly going to need the odor protection of something stronger. However, on "easy" home days, natural deodorants are the way to go!

Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorant Sticks are a great option! The Crystal Deodorants glide on smooth, condition and moisturize the skin while they protect from odor, all without harsh chemicals. Plus they protect without leaving white marks, and without stickiness, staining, flakes, nor crumbling!  

The Crystal Deodorant Sticks feature essential oils that are beneficial for odor protection. The Crystal Deodorants contain no aluminum, no parabens and no artificial fragrances.  The Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorant sticks are available in four scents: Unscented, Lavender & White Tea, Vanilla Jasmine and Chamomile & Green Tea.

Do the Crystal Deodorants completely protect me from odor? Well, no, not completely. However, they do help. Crystal Deodorants and natural deodorants in general will not stop you from sweating. They are not anti-persparants. However, they do have a bit of an impact on odor.

To use, I apply to clean and dry underarm skin. I apply the product very generously. Honestly, I pretty much apply this just as I would a traditional deodorant. If I feel that I need to, I apply again later in the day to freshen up.

I feel that the Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorant Sticks are relatively effective when it comes to fighting odor. No, not 100%, but they do help. What I love about the Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorants is that they give your underarm skin a break from all of the chemicals and aluminum of traditional deodorants. I think of it as a couple days a week of underarm detox. Plus, the Crystal Deodorants are so smoothing and soothing to use! They moisturize beautifully and really leave my underarms feeling soothed. If you have sensitive skin, or if you typically have irritation from traditional deodorants, then you really should try the Crystal Invisible Solids! I do love that there is an effective natural option that really pampers your underarm skin like the Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorants do.

The Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorants retail for $5.79 at CVS, Walgreens, Amazon, and other locations.

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