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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Your Perfect Facial Cleansing Accessories: Take My Face Off

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I am so excited to talk to you guys today about some of my favorite new beauty items...introducing the Take My Face Off mitts!

Take My Face Off has created reusable, super soft cleansing and makeup removing mitts (the brand calls them "Mittys"). These washable and reusable mittys are much better for the environment than cotton balls and makeup wipes. They take off every trace of makeup and are way cuter than your standard old washcloth! Plus, they are so gentle on my sensitive skin! Seriously, those of you with sensitive skin need to get on this. The unique minky texture of the mitts is so soothing on your face and really assists with cleansing and makeup removal (so you will scrub shouldnt be scrubbing anyways, but if you do, this is much gentler!). 

The blue Makeup Mittys replaces wipes ($38.50 for three) and the Mitty Blackout replaces cotton balls ($42.50 for five). Yes, your initial investment is higher than for cotton balls and wipes, but you will literally never have to repurchase those products again! Just think about how much waste you are eliminating by using these cute Mittys! :)

I like that they come in a cute clear bag with a handle. That way, I can just hang them on the back of my bathroom door so that I always have a fresh mitty when I need one. Also of note: the Mittys are washable! You can either hand wash these or toss them in the laundry to wash in the washing machine and drying in dryer. Easy peasy. 

How I Use: The Makeup Mitty:
I don't always use a blue Makeup Mitty when cleansing (as I truely do like being gentle on my skin and primarily use my hands). However, a few days a week, I wear waterproof mascara or eyeliner. I wear a little bit of makeup most days. However, I reserve Mitty use when I have on liner, waterproof mascara, or just heavier makeup in general as the Mitty really does boost my cleansing and assist in makeup removal. 

I like using creamy cleansers at night as they can do double duty as cleansers and makeup removers. Cream cleansers (CeraVe is my favorite!) pair beautifully with the Take My Face Off Makeup Mitty! 

So, I just wet my face, then apply my cleanser to a wet Mitty. Then I gently move the mitty over my face in soft circular motions and focusing primarliy on areas with heavier makeup like the eye area. I love that you can manipulate the mitty to get hard to reach areas like using the tip to get into those inner eye corners. When you are using the mitty, you can either just hold it, or insert your hand or fingers inside the pouch. I find that I use them both ways. 

How I Use: The Mitty Blackout:
The Mitty blackouts are so useful! Just think of these as cotton ball replacements and you will know just how to use them! I use these for Micellar Water, toners, liquid makeup removers, and witch hazel. I tend to rotate through all of those products. So, I practically use the Mitty Blackouts every day! 

Just apply a small amount of your product to the Mitty Blackout just as you would a cotton ball. You can use the Mitty dry or Wet (for extra gentleness). 

I seriously love the Take My Face Off Makeup Mittys and Mitty Blackouts! Not only are these items good for the environment, but also these mittys are perfect for sensitive skin! These are new staples in my skincare routine that I am going to use from here on out! I highly recommend that you check these out!!!

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