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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Spring and Summer Staple SPF Products and my SPF Routine: Herpecin L and More!

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Spring and Summer Staple SPF Products and my SPF Routine with Herpecin L and more:
While we need SPF year-round, the Spring and Summer seasons are a great time to check in and evaluate your personal sunscreen routine. The sun's rays are damaging year-round. Not only can you burn from the sun, but also the sun can cause skin cancer, skin damage, discoloration, and can accelerate the signs of aging. So, we all need SPF protection every day. Not only do we need to apply SPF in the mornings, but re-application throughout the day is necessary, too. This is where I have fallen short in my SPF routine in the past. This is my focus now and moving forward. I need creative ways to reapply sunscreen throughout the day (and especially when I am in direct sun). 

For this particular post, I am going to focus on the Sunscreens that I apply to my face and neck/chest (I will save my body sunscreens for a future post). I like to use a variety of SPFs throughout the day. So, lets start chatting about my SPF routine!

To start off the day, I make sure to apply a full and generous layer of SPF to my face as well as my chest/neck area (like I mentioned, I do apply to my whole body, but the body products will be in another post). I even include areas like my ears, lips, and eyelids. These are areas that I have unintentionally skipped in the past, but I am certainly including now. 

For facial sunscreens, I prefer to use physical sunscreens (non-chemical active sunscreen ingredients). My favorite physical sunscreen ingredient combo is Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. I like this combo as it works the best on my sensitive skin. The downside to this physical sunscreen combo is that it has a white cast when applied. However, my skin is *so fair* that a white cast is honestly not that noticeable on me. Physical sunscreens are also great because they do not degrade as quickly. So, they offer fantastic protection against those damaging rays of the sun. Right now I am loving the MyChelle Dermacuticals Sun Shield Unscented SPF 28. Typically, SPF 30 is best, but SPF 28 is pretty darn close. I do tend to switch around with my facial SPF, but stick generally within the physical sunscreen category. I also love Neutrogena's Sheer Zinc and my previous Holy Grail tinted SPF from Belli was just discontinued (so sad!!!). However, there are tons of great ones out there and I am curious to explore more options. 

I apply my first layer of facial SPF in the mornings as the final step in my skincare routine. After I get a good base layer of SPF, I like to add in a tinted sunscreen or BB/CC Cream for added protection. Right now I am really loving Pevonia's NEW YouthRenew Tinted Cream SPF 30. This product gives nice skin protecting coverage plus is enriched with other skin-loving ingredients. It comes in a universal shade which just happens to blend in with my skintone seamlessly (not sure how it would blend with darker tones as I am very fair). 

It is so important to not neglect your neck and chest/decolletage area! That area gets just as much sun exposure as your face. Plus, I use skincare actives on my neck and chest which makes it more susceptible to sun damage. So, I like to apply RoC's Multi Correxion 5-in-1 Chest, Neck, and Face Cream with SPF 30. I apply this generously and just love how it sinks in and protects. Granted, I could just apply my facial sunscreen on my neck and chest. However, I like physicaly suncreens on my face but am fine with chemical or mixed sunscreens on my chest and neck area and this one works great and gives no white cast. 

Next, I make sure to apply a generous layer of Herpecin L on my lips. I just adore this lip treatment!!! Not only is it a fabulous lip moisturizer, but also it has SPF 30 protection (which is honestly hard to find in a lip balm...most just have SPF 15 which I feel is honestly not enough protection) and it has ingredients to combat cold sores. I don't personally suffer from cold sores. However, if you do, it is fantastic to get a cold sore treatment, lip balm, and lip sunscreen in one product! Fact: Did you know that 50-80% US adults have oral herpes? Yes, it is actually very common. So, I am hoping that this post helps to de-stigmatize having oral herpes as it is so common. Herpecin L is very reasonably priced and easily available at your local Walmart store. Herpecin L is safe and effective to use every day and throughout the day to help relieve and protect painful cracking of lips while also promoting healing without numbing nor drying. Herpecin L is uniquely formulated with dimethicone for protection, and sunscreens to help guard against the sun's harmful rays.

I reapply the Herpecin L very frequently throughout the day. Lips are very prone to skin cancer, sunburns, and general dryness. Lips really need more application than any other body part because of natural licking of lips throughout the day, eating, and drinking. So, the SPF protection that you apply is constantly being taken off. So, just keep re-applying! I keep an extra Herepcin L in my purse for touch ups and reapplication. I always apply before going outside and when on-the-go. I just love this stuff!!!

For sunscreen reapplication throughout the day, the best bet is really to just apply another layer of your sunscreen. If I am in the yard most of the day or at the pool, then that is exactly what I do. Also, I always try to seek shade and if I am getting a lot of exposure while outside I wear a hat or wear sun protective clothing as well. 

On days where I have minimal sun exposure, my reapplication is a bit different. I recently discovered two fantastic products that are perfect for layering over your previously applied sunscreens and makeup. The first one that I want to talk about is Jane Iredale's Powder Me SPF Dry Sunscreen. This product is fantastic!!! I use the shade translucent, but it is also available in 2 other shades (3 shades total). I believe that this is a SPF 30. However, I wouldn't rely on it as my only sunscreen as you would have to apply it so thick...but, as a supplimental sunscreen it is perfect! Plus, it is so nice to just be able to pat it over your previous sunscreen and makeup without disrupting your carefully applied makeup. It is also fantastic to apply to your hair part if you need extra protection there! 

Another fantastic option for reapplication is the SeriouslyFab Zinc it Over Sheer Sunscreen Facial Mist. This sheer mist is perfecting for misting over your makeup to set makeup and to add an additional layer of SPF protection throughout the day (without messing up your makeup!). The formula is Cruelty Free, Natural, Vegan and Safe with No Chemicals. The formula includes Non-Nano Zinc Oxide. It is available regular and non-scented. I love the sheer extra protection that I get from this product and the nice glowy finish it gives to my makeup!

I hope you got some good ideas for products and tips after reading my Sunscreen routine and tips for reapplying throughout the day! I know that key products like Herpecin L give me the great SPF protection that I need every day while also keeping my lips moisturized, smoothed, and protected. Reapplying SPF to my face, neck, and chest throughout the day really ups my sun protection while keeping my skin nicely hydrated. I am thrilled with my SPF routine! I would love to hear about yours, too! 

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