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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New Launch: INC.redible Cosmetics

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I am so excited to bring you news about a brand new cosmetics line: INC.redible! 

Founder and CEO of Nails inc, Thea Green, has created INC.redible. She is taking her knowledge and experience in innovation and color from Nails Inc and is translating that into a brad of trend-led cosmetics. 

INC.redible already has 54 bold and colorful lip products and an afforable price point. The brand includes an extensive range of shades in a variety of lip product categories including, but not limited to: lip quenchers, sheer dreamy lipgloss, metallic lip paint, jelly shots, and more.

What a unique lip product!!! It is packaged like a lipstick...but, it is a clear and sheer moisturizing and lip quenching treatment. I am obcessed with the gorgeous packaging and the smooth feel of this going on the lips!

Jelly Shots are formulated with a blend of avacado, vitamin e, and rice bran oil. The transparent lip quencher comes in fun sheer tints (goes on clear) with a hidden flower detail. 

  • Just Be Me (flush of blush) This is the one I tried! I love it!!!
  • Watch Me Go (PH Green)
  • It was Only a Kiss (Luscious Lilac)
  • Ex Revenge (23 Carat Gold)
I got to try out one of these beautiful lip colors and am so impressed with the sheer feel and pigmentation! These have a unique packaging design with a click up base that extends the product. 

The Pushing Everyday lip colors are ultra-smooth lip glides infused with nourishing jojoba oil. They achieve a stain-like effect that lasts for hours. I really enjoy the feel and the awesome pigmentation of these. I must try more colors! ;)

  • Oh Hey! (Powerhouse red)
  • Puh-Lease (Mauve nude)
  • Out of Office (Tomato)
  • Oh Hullo! (Chocolate Brown)
  • Not Right Now (Nude)
  • Press Snooze (Powdery Peachy Pink)
These are metallic matte lip paints with a liquid chrome effect. The result? Bold and stand-out lips! 

  • Turn Me Up
  • Turn me On (red)
  • Call my Cab (Deep Bronzed Plum)
  • We Feel Ya (Gold with a hint of Brown)
  • Kissing Strangers (Rose Gold)
  • Oh Yeah, You Did (Metallic Mauve)
  • My Dirty Brain (Copper Rose)
  • Bitches be Lik (Sunkissed Bronze)
These gorgeous glosses have intense color with ultra-hydrating properties. They give a lucious wet-lip look. 

  • Gone Shopping (Pink Champagne)
  • Daily Inspo (Caramel Nude)
  • Plans Today (Antique Blush)
  • Boys Smell (Muted Mauve)
  • More Love Less Likes (Warm Nude)
  • Double Shot Day (Milk Chocolate)
  • #weekend (Sunkissed nude)
  • Oh Hey There (Amber Brown)
  • Everyday Selfie (Juicy Coral)
  • Vibes Tribe (Raspberry Red)
  • Monday Motivation (Deep Berry Red)
  • Find Your Light Not Mr. Right (Plum Brown)
  • Love Don't Hate (Aubergine)
  • My Mantra (Rich Cherry)

So, are you inspired by all of these amazing colors and formulations? I sure am! Be sure to scope out Inc. redible next time you shop at Sephora!

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