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Friday, March 23, 2018

21-Days of Positive Thinking: My Pamprin Positivity Challenge Update!

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21-Days of Positive Thinking: My Pamprin Positivity Challenge Update:

Hey beauties! Do your remember me telling you about my 21-Days of Positive Thinking Challenge with Pamprin and the PRIMP Network? Well, I am super excited to give you an update on how the challenge is going. If you missed my previous post, please be sure to check it out here.

Positive thinking is everything. It lays the foundation for how we percieve the world from the inside out. Positive thinking is powerful and it must start with ourselves. Simple, yet profound, acts of positive thinking and self-care can set off a beautiful ripple effect. We must first love and care for ourselves in order to love and care for others. Let's face it, when we feel beautiful and poistive on the inside, we can accomplish great things on the outside!

As an eternal optimist, this challenge really resonated with me from day 1. I am constantly striving and seeking positivity. It makes a huge difference in all aspects of my life. I am sensitive and an empath. So, I tend to soak up the emotions and energies around me. So, it is quintessential that I put out positive energy! This can be challenging sometimes when I am tired, stressed, or overwhelmed with the world around me. So, I must be intentional. I must make a "date" with myself to pour into myself. I spend so much time pouring into others, that I need to make sure that my own cup is "full". Does this make sense?

So, when I partnered with Pamprin and the PRIMP Network to take the 21-Day Postive Thinking Challenge, I was ready to dive right in! This is exactly the type of external motivation that I needed! Honestly, I am so thankful! Life can be crazy, right? I am in the midst of a lot of change in all aspects of life. So, I really needed this.

Pamprin is a brand that wants to nurture and encourage women. As their brand name suggests, they are about "Pampering" women...and, let's face it ladies, we all need a little of that, right?

What did I discover from this 21-Day Positive Thinking Challenge?
This challenge really illustrated for me that the time that I use to pour into myself manifests with results that I can see and feel. I know that I am my best self when I am taking good care of myself...from the inside out. From healthy eating, to positive self-talk, to overall self-care... these are the things that make me feel good on the inside and this radiates outwards. When I am feeling good from the inside-out, I can better radiate that positive energy to others. That is such a goal of mine! There is nothing that I want more than to pour positive energy into the lives of those around me.

What worked? Simple Hacks for adding Positivity to your Day:

Use Visuals or a Calander:
Pamprin certainly set up the 21-Positive Thinking Challenge for success by giving a simple visual calander to follow. I literally set this up right by my desk to inspire me on a daily basis. I followed their plan and it worked! Moving forward, I can continue to cycle through Pamprin's 8 day cycle and/or I can create my own calander. There are many daily grattitude calanders available online or you can even make your own. Be creative and get inspired! Make it a daily practice.

Prioritize your "Me Time":
I know what you are thining, It is HARD to find that extra time for yourself...but it is doable. You just have to be intentional about it and stick to it! This time is important. Think of it as a date with yourself. Make it an appointment. Put it on your calander. Do not push this time to the side. Make it a priority. It might take some planning ahead and intentional scheduling. Try things like...getting up early, having your husband watch kids when he gets home from work so you can do yoga or go for a walk solo. In the evenings, rather than randomly watching tv or getting on social media, read an inspirational book or do a devotional study. Yes, these activities take time. However, they are inspirational! I find that adding extra time for devotional studies, meditation, quite time, and daily affirmations/grattitue has actually given me the energy and inspiration that I need to give my day a lift!

Daily Affirmations, Grattitude Lists...and using Instagram:
Finding daily affirmations and making gratitiude lists were my favorite parts of the challenge...and guess what? I have now made it a habit to visit these two practices on a daily basis! It is so quick and easy and such an inspirational start to my day. Instagram has been a great medium and tool for myself during this challenge. I like to search hashtags for #dailyinspiration, #mantras, #selflove, and #inspirationalquotes. I often repost these or post my own quotes and photos to inspire myself and hopefully have an impact on those who follow me there. If you are not already, please hop over to Instagram and follow me! I would love to interact with you more there! Also, I am doing another fun challenge (and sharing it on Instagram) to get outside and "ground" myself daily. Being outside is such a simple thing...but it makes such a tremendous impact on my spirit. It only takes minutes to step outside and feel the sunshine, or the rain, or the breeze. This sensory experience can really shift your focus in a more positive direction. I know it sure has that impact for me!

Here are some of the Inspirational Quotes and Mantras that I created and shared on Instagram:

Simple Acts of Self-Care:
Simple acts of self-care can make such a tremendous impact on how you feel from the inside-out! My simple acts of self-care include: yoga, meditation, a tea or coffee break, evening facials, my morning and evening beauty routines (as a beauty blogger, beauty and self care relax me!), staying ahead of aches and pain, and getting to bed early or on-time.  These simple acts of self-care can give you a break and a refreshing boost or a relaxing vibe for the rest of the day or evening.

Having a stressful day? Feeling negativity creep in? Take a coffee break! Feeling achy or is it that-time-of-the-month, then stay ahead of the pain and bloating and take a Pamprin for relief! Feeling blah or not-so-pretty, then give yourself a boost with a facial or spa-like bath! Exhausted at the end of the day? Dive into your evening beauty routine early and then head to bed with an inspirational read. All of these practices have absolutely contributed to more positivity in my life!

I am so extremely happy that I took part in this 21-Days of Positive Thinking Challenge with Pamprin and the PRIMP Network. There is no question that I have benefitted from embracing positivity from the inside out. Not only were my first 21-days successful, but also I feel that I created an ongoing life-lone habit that involves positive thinking and positive self-care! Do this for yourselves ladies. You will not be sorry! Be the light that feels positive energy from within and radiates it outwards.

Sending you much love and positivity!

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Amanda @ A Good Hue said...

Pamprin is a must for me during that oh-so-special time of the month. Your tips are so on point, especially making the time for yourself to have some 'me time'!

The Southern Thing said...

Positive thinking and self care are so important! Love this!!

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