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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Oka-B Shoes: Eco-Friendly and So Cute: Review and Discount Code!

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Oka-B Shoes: Eco-Friendly and Cute!
Nothing makes a girl feel cute quite like a pair of cute shoes. Oka-B shoes are not only cute, but they are super comfortable and earth-friendly, too! 

I can confidently say that Oka-B shoes are my most-worn shoe brand in the Spring and Summer as I have quite a collection. There are so many colors and styles. They are super cute! So, that of course excites me...but really, it is the comfort factor that won me over. They are just so comfortable to wear while not looking at all like "comfort shoes". I have had various foot problems over the past few years. Luckily, treatment from a podiatrist has my feet feeling much better. However, I have to be very selective with my foot wear. If I am in uncomfortable shoes, they can trigger foot pain that can leave my feet achy for days. I am so happy that my Oka-B shoes leave my feet feeling good and happy! Oka-B shoes were actually designed for comfort. The massaging footbed is based on the principals of reflexology. It is contoured to the foot perfectly with little nubby parts that hit in just the right spots. 

A Little Bit of Background Info on Oka-B:
Oka-B shoes are made of 20% recycled materials. Do you know what else? They are recyclable! Really!!! Just send your old ones in to the company and they can grind them up to make new shoes! The shoes are made of a microplast material that resists bacteria and are very easy to clean: actually, they are dishwasher safe! It actually amazes me how these Oka-B shoes hold up and stay new-looking for the longest time. I swear, they never wear out! These shoes are extremely durable and shoe mininal, if any, wear...even after years of wear! The shoes are very resistant to, go ahead and go for those white flip-flops...they really will stay white: pretty impressive! Interesting side note: the shoes smell like vanilla...seriously! It is some sort of natural by-product of their production. Even after washing and wearing, they are still vanilla scented! LOVE IT!

To find out more about these cute Oka-b shoes (and get a 15% off discount code!!!), please click "read more" below!

My Newest Oka-B Shoes:
I am totally loving my latest Oka-B additions to my shoe collection! I wear about a size 6 shoe and fit perfectly into Oka-B size Small (S) shoes. I recently got the gorgeous Kona in Salt, Lucky in Licorice, and Harlow in Azalea. These cute new shoes literally make my feet (and me) happy! From shorts, to sundresses, to pants, these adorable thong styles pair with just about everything in my wardrobe. I literally wear the Kona (the "white" ones) almost every day! 

The Kona in Salt:

Lucky in Licorice:

Harlow in Azalea:

Shop Oka-B:
Most pairs retail around $20-$40. This is a great value for a shoe that will last and stay looking new for a long time. Oka-B shoes are available online at their website or locally in fine spas and boutiques.

Oka-B offers not only "flip flop" style flat and wedge type styles in thong or slide styles, but also ballet flats and even wedge shoes. Best of all: Oka-b are Made in the USA!!! Right here in Atlanta, GA!!!

Enjoy 15% off Oka-B Shoes! 
Oka-B has offered a discount for Pammy Blogs Beauty Readers! Get 15% off Oka-B sandals, ballet flats, wedges, flip flops and slides!

Use the code pammybeauty at check out to receive the discount (offer good through Aug 20th). Shop here at Oka-b shoes!

Happy Shopping!!!

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