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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Keep Your Glow this Winter: Pixi Skincare!

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Winter weather is here and it sure can zap the glow and moisture out of your skin. However, you can combat this with upping your skincare game! Pixi Beauty by Petra has some really great products with skin-loving ingredients to bring your glow back. 

Pixi Beauty has long been one of my go-to brands for makeup. In the past year or so, Pixi has really broadened their Pixi Skintreats skincare range and now has a pretty comprehensive skincare lineup. I have been a fan of Pixi's Glow Tonic for ages and highly recommend it. Recently, I have begun exploring the rest of their skincare line. It is so good!!! Plus, I love that Pixi is available from Target at a great price!

This month, I am exploring a few skincare items from Pixi that are certain to bring my glow back: Glowtion Day Dew, Glow Mist, Beauty Sleep Cream, and 24K Eye Elixir. To find out more details about each of these products and how I like them, please click "read more" below!

Keep Your Glow this Winter: Pixi Skintreats Skincare Highlights:

Pixi Skintreats | Glowtion Day Dew: This radiance-boosting moisturizer gives you a lit-from-within glow! It has the ability to slightly blur imprfections and really bring out the best in your skin. The dry heat this time of year really parches my skin. This product can really boost the moisture levels of your skin. This product is very versatile! You can use it underneath your makeup for a subtle glow or you can even use it as a highlighter! I like to put it at the top of my cheekbones for a glowing look. Plus, the lavender scent is lovely. Retails for $22. 

Pixi Skintreats | Glow Mist: Glow Mist contains 13 natural oils and propolis. Just mist it on anytime for a soft and dewy effect. This product is another great multi-tasker! You can use it in three ways: before makeup to give a hydration boost, after makeup to set your makeup while adding a lovely dewy finish and boosting hydration, and you can use it as an anytime refresher to add glow or moisture! I just LOVE the way this Glow Mist feels on my skin and I really find that I "crave" putting it on. Instant relief from this dry winter air! This product is great year round, too! It is hydrating and soothing in Winter and cooling and refreshing in the heat of Summer! Honestly, I feel that this item is a must-have in my skincare and makeup routine! I often like the ease of powder and powder foundations. This product really takes down the powderyness and gives such a nice and natural finish to my look. Retails for $15. 

Pixi Skintreats | Beauty Sleep Cream: This is a nutrient-rich nightime cream which protects and nourishes while you sleep. I am pretty enamoured with the idea of "sleep creams". Essentially, a sleep cream or sleeping mask is a product that works for you while you are sleeping. So, just apply at night before bed and be ready to wake up with refreshed and rejuvinated skin! Pixi's Beauty Sleep Cream is so nice!!! It has a lovely and relaxing herbal scent (lavender, lemon, and bergamot). I like that this is a power-packed cream yet it is also fast absorbing and it feels lightweight on your skin. This product gives a really nice hydration boost to your skin and it layers well with the other Pixi Skintreats products. Retails for $15. 

Pixi Skintreats | 24K Eye Elixir: This Eye Elixir provides collagen repair to the delicate eye area. The product contains peptides to plump your fine lines. This is a super soothing and de-puffing serum. The rollerball makes application super easy. Plus, the rollerball feels cooling against the skin. Want super de-puffing results? Place the product in the fridge and apply it cold! It is a great way to perk up tired eyes in the morning. This serum also provides light hydration. You can also layer it under a richer eye cream if you want more moisture. Retails for $22.

Be sure to check out the awesome Pixi Beauty Skintreats line next time you are at Target. Your skin will thank you!!! :) 

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Anonymous said...

Everywhere I look it's Pixi, Pixi and more Pixi! Gooosh I wanna try the brand :-)

daydreaming beauty said...

Pixi is just doing so many great things with skin care and beauty these days!

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