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Thursday, January 19, 2017

FOREO's Innovative ISSA Hybrid Toothbrush and IRIS Eye Massager: 15% off Coupon CODE!!!

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When it comes to innovative skincare and oral care devices, FOREO stands out amongst the crowd. Their devices are so different! Plus, they are super effective. I am a huge fan and long-time user of the FOREO Luna device. So, I love exploring the FOREO line as they offer not only an awesome facial device (the FOREO Luna) but also the ISSA Hybrid Oral Care Solution and the IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager. 

Today I am going to dive into some details about the ISSA Hybrid Oral Care Solution and the IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager. If you want to learn more about these revolutionary devices from FOREO, please click "read more" to continue!

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ISSA Hybrid Oral Care Solution:
Keeping my teeth clean and healthy is a daily priority for me. Nothing beats a great is the ultimate beauty booster. I am a complete fan of sonic-type toothbrushes for everyday dental care. Combine that with the fact that I am a fan of the FOREO Luna (facial cleansing device) and you know that I was excited about the launch of FOREO's revolutionary ISSA oral care device. least I was until I tried it out. For those of you who read my original FOREO ISSA review, ya'll know that I was underwhelmed. I rarely write "negative" reviews on my blog as I really love focusing on bringing you guys content about the products that get me excited enough to take time out of my day to write about! I certainly know that anyone who wants to purchase a $200 toothbrush will likely look up product reviews and want to know the scoop. In a nutshell, I just didn't feel like it got my teeth clean enough. While I liked the massaging feeling on my gums, my teeth just didn't feel totally clean from using the ISSA brush.

Well, I must say that I continue to be impressed with the FOREO brand. FOREO really listened to user feedback about the ISSA. In response to feedback, they developed a new brush head. Wow! It is really amazing when a brand takes this kind of feedback and puts it into action.

FOREO ISSA Hybrid Brush Head:
The FOREO ISSA Hybrid Brush Head is the "Best of Both Worlds" solution! It was developed for those of us who found the original ISSA's 100% silicone brush head to be a bit too gentle (not strong enough to give that clean feeling and completely remove plaque). If you prefer a more vigorous brushing and found the FOREO ISSA to be too gentle, then his new FOREO ISSA Hybrid is the solution! It is strong on plaque but gentle on the gums.

The ISSA Hybrid Brush Head is specifically engineered to utilize the soft, gentle silicone bristles for the gum area. The ISSA Hybrid also intigrates PBT polymer bristles on the inner segement of the brush head to cover the surface area of the teeth. This unique hybrid design offers both a massage and gentle clean on the gums as well as a stronger cleaning experience on the teeth, making it perfect for those who have more plaque buildup. 

What's Unique About the ISSA Hybrid?
  • Hybrid Solutions: This unique brush head utilizes both silicone bristles and PBT polymer bristles to deliver more vigorous brushing of teeth while offering gentle cleaning and comfortable massage for the gums. 
  • Sonic Pulse Technology: Bristles channel 11,000 high-intensity pulsations per mintue for effective cleaning.
  • Hygenic: Silicone & PBT polymer harbor less bacteria thanks to their natural properties.
  • Smart Design: 3D flexible brush head helps to reach every crevice of the mouth, plus silicone an PBT polymer bristles have strong resistance making them durable to last for up to 6 months before the brush head needs replacing. 
  • Travel-Friendly: Lasts up to 365 uses per full charge, fully charges in 1 hour and requires no charging dock. 
With the addition of the new Hybrid Brush Head, the FOREO ISSA is a fantastic oral-care device! In addition to the features above the ISSA with the Hybrid Brush head also has 8 intensity settings to customize your comfort during brushing, an integrated timer that prompts you to move to another quadrant of your mouth, and it is 100% waterproof! 

Yes, the ISSA is a very big investment. However, with the addition of the Hybrid Brush Head, you are getting a fantastic oral care device that has an amazing ability to stay charged, cleans your teeth effectively, massages your gums gently, and lasts a very long time! I am happy to say that with the addition of the Hybrid Brush Head, I have now fallen in love with my ISSA and highly recommend it. Plus, while I have always been a fan of FOREO (and particularly love their Luna device), I have a new-found respect for the brand for really listening to the feedback from bloggers and customers and changing their design based on reviews and feedback! That is so cool!!!  

IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager: 
My Eye Area is my "trouble spot". When it comes to skincare, I really gravitate towards eye creams and products and devices designed to help with the eye area. My primary issue with my eye area is my dark circles. In addition, my eyes are super sensitive. My eyes are sensitive to light and they tend to water. Also, the skin around my eye area is prone to redness due to allergies. So, I have the redness from allergies as well as my super dark purpleish under eye circles.

As a big fan of the FOREO LUNA and what it does for my skin, you know that I am excited to use FOREO's technology in my eye area, too!

So, how does it work? Well, the FOREO IRIS utilizes Alternating T-Sonic™ technology to reduce the visible signs of crow's feet, dark circles, and bags under your eyes. IRIS also dramatically improves the absorption and efficacy of your favorite eye cream or serum.

The FOREO IRIS design and technology was inspired by Asian fingertip tapping eye massage. The ultra gentle pulses from the IRIS are actually much more gentle than manual tapping/massage. There are two modes on the device. So, you can select what feels most comfortable for you. Pure Mode is the most gentle and recommended for skin that is just starting to show signs of aging. Spa Mode is more intense and mimics a professional spa beauty treatment with both tapping and pulsation. This mode is recommended for individuals with more obvious signs of aging.

It is so easy to add the FOREO IRIS to your everyday skincare routine! It only takes 30 seconds to do each eye. Plus, you can use it right on top of your current skincare products. No need to add any special products!

I really love using this FOREO IRIS device! It feels like a spa-treat right in my own home. I really feel like it revitalizes my tired eyes. It zaps any puffiness and it is very relaxing to use. I feel like it boosts the effectiveness of my usual eye creams. I am excited to see what this device does long term. In the meantime, I just really enjoy the sensation of using it. It is a great addition to my skincare routine!

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If you are looking for super effective and innovative sonic devices, be sure to check out the FOREO ISSA Hybrid Toothbrush and the FOREO IRIS Eye Massager! If you are a fan of FOREO LUNA or if you are new to the brand, these devices are worth looking into!

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