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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What Can You Do with 100 More Sheets of SCOTT® Bath Tissue? Easy Organization Ideas for Apartment Living!

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What Can You Do with 100 More Sheets of SCOTT® Bath Tissue? 
We could all use a little extra room in our budgets, right? Just a little bit of savings here-and-there tends to make a big difference when you look at all of those savings cumulatively. For instance, if you look at the savings of 100 more bonus sheets of Scott Bath Tissue on the new SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue roll from BJ's Wholesale Club, this could give you the means to save money. This money can be used in fun ways like organizing and revitalizing your bathroom!  

We just recently moved into an apartment while we are waiting on our new home to build. Let me tell ya'll, it has been a challenge! We are a family of 4 living in a small 3-bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms. Lets just say that this apartment sure feels "cozy", lol! All kidding aside, we really did have to get creative with storage for our apartment. 

BJ's Wholesale Club Shopping for SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue:
I love finding great deals! Shopping at BJs is one of my "secrets" for saving money! I find that shopping for paper good items at BJs really is the deal: from toilet paper, to paper towels, to napkins, buying these items in bulk saves you so much money over time. So, you know that I love the great value of the new SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue that I found at BJ’s Wholesale Club! It was super easy to find the SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue in the paper products asile at BJ's Wholesale Club. 

About SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue:
Lets chat about the SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue! First of all, can I just tell you what a deal it is? I mean, 100 extra sheets per roll of SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue translates to 3 extra rolls per pack. That alone is savings! Plus, you are getting such quality. SCOTT® is known for high quality single ply toilet paper. There are 1,100 sheets of toilet paper in every roll. This makes it “America’s longest lasting roll”! This paper is safe for septic systems, RVs, and boats. 

SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue retails for $23.32 at BJ’s Wholesale Club. Please click here for an awesome coupon for SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue that you can use at BJ's Wholesale Club. Click through and save yourself some money!!!

Easy Budget-Friendly Organization Ideas for Apartment Living & Tips for Making a Small Space Work:

While our apartment living is cozy and happy, I can tell you one thing, we are certainly short on storage space! When you are living in a small apartment, storage space is at a premium. Since our situation here is temporary, many of our items are off site in long-term storage. However, we are going to live here for a few more months and need to make our space work and save money while doing so. The last thing that I wanted to do was spend a lot of money on storage solutions that are temporary. Plus, I want to continue to save money by buying certain items, like toilet paper in bulk. So, I just need to be creative with how I store not only my toilet paper, but all of our toiletries and other bathroom items.

We actually did luck out with a beautiful master bathroom in our apartment. However, even with that said, there is a limited amount of storage space in said bathroom. We do not have a master linen closet (which was where I formerly stored our bath tissue, towels, and spare soaps in our old house). So, drawers and cabinets are overflowing. Luckily, I came up with some great budget-friendly solutions!
  • Metal "Tower" Bath Tissue Storage: I just love this little metal tower bath tissue storage solution. It holds 3 extra rolls of toilet paper! I just tuck this right into the area behind the toilet and I always have extra rolls at-the-ready! Plus, I feel that it is an attractive way to store extra rolls.
  • Utilize a Tower Linen Storage Unit: I was so happy to be able to put this cabinet that I already owned into good use at the apartment! It works beautifully for bathroom storage. We are able to store spare towels, wash cloths, soaps, and extra rolls of SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue in this unit. This unit is very tall and narrow so it fits the small space well. 
  • Hooks, hooks, and more hooks: I am a huge fan of sticky hooks. They stick right onto the wall. So, they do not damage the wall with nails and holes. We had no where to hang our hand towels until we stuck these to the wall. It is maybe not the cutest solution, but it is functional and works great for a short-term solution.
  • Over-the-Door Hook Unit: I just love this over-the-door hook unit that I found! I have an assortment of bath robes, hair ties, and shower caps that I need quick access to on a daily basis. This unit slips right over the top of the door (so no worries about nail holes in an apartment!). The best part about the over the door hang is that it allows the unit to support a lot of weight. So, I can really load it up with a ton of robes! 
  • Extra Storage Baskets: Since our drawers and cabinets are overflowing with products (yes, as a beauty blogger, I am always overflowing!), I utilize baskets for the overflow products. Actually, the products in these baskets are my "most used" items. Since the baskets are out in the open, it gives quick access to these items.

I would love to hear about your budget-friendly storage solutions! Please feel free to share! Also, if you are not a BJ's member, you should certainly consider it! Such deals for the whole family! I especially love the deal that I got on the SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue! 

Thanks so much for reading!

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Anonymous said...

Yep, I put hooks EVERYWHERE to save space, haha.

Huppie Mama said...

These are great, simple storage solutions for maximizing space in a smaller bathroom. Thanks for sharing #client

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