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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Get Scrubby with LATHER's NEW Chia Seed & Passion Fruit Exfoliating Gel

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Get Scrubby with LATHER's NEW Chia Seed & Passion Fruit Exfoliating Gel:
I just love a good scrub! So, I am very excited to tell you guys about this awesome new product from one of my favorite natural skincare brands: LATHER! 

This super gentle exfoliator is a non-foaming and moisturizing facial scrub that was designed for normal-to-dry or mature skin. I am happy to report that while I have neither "mature" skin (well, maybe I do as I am in my early 40s) nor normal-to-dry (I am currently combo-oily), this product still works fabulously for me! Actually, I really adore using it! 

First of all, OMG...the scent! I absolutely love the refreshingly fruity scent of this scrub. Plus, the gel texture combined with the scrubbiness of the chia seeds really gives an awesome sensation when you are gently massaging it on your skin. It really gives you an amazing spa-like facial treatment right in your own bathroom. 

The Skinny:
Here is the scoop, in a nutshell, about this awesome New Chia Seed & Passion Fruit Exfoliating Gel:
  • This is a gel based, non-foaming exfoliator
  • “Physical” exfoliating agents include passion fruit seed powder and jojoba beads
  • Also contains tropical fruit enzymes for additional exfoliation.
  • Chia seed oil moisturizes, soothes and protects skin with omega-3 fatty acids  
  • Price is $29.00 / 4 oz.
  • Available beginning July 1 online at or in LATHER retail stores 
How I Use:
LATHER recommends that the Chia Seed & Passion Fruit Exfoliating Gel be used about 2-3 times a week. For my somewhat sensitive skin, I find that 2 times a week is just perfect. It gives me a fantastic boost of exfoliation without being "too much" for my skin. To use, I first cleanse my face with a gentle cleanser and leave it wet. Then I apply a small dollop of the Chia Seed & Passion Fruit Exfoliating Gel to my entire face (avoiding eye area). I very gently massage the product on my skin using sweeping circular motions. Then I let the product sit on my face for about a minute or two as a "mask" before rinsing (I like doing this with enzyme-based exfoliating products to allow the enzymes to do some extra work on my skin). 

My Results:
I am so pleased with the results of this amazing Chia Seed & Passion Fruit Exfoliating Gel from LATHER! I feel like my skin is so soft and refined from using this product consistently. Plus, I also love the instant hydration and smoothness it brings to my skin right after rinsing it off. I feel like the extra exfoliation also keeps my skin clear and bright. Not to mention, the gorgeous scent and the feel of the gentle exfoliators really makes this a spa-quality treatment right in my own bathroom. This product is a total treat to use! 

LATHER fans, what else do you love from this line? I have only begun to explore LATHER skincare and would love to know your recommendations!

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