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Monday, January 11, 2016


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Plump Up The Volume: 
Introducing the NEW NEEDLES NO MORE® 3-D FILLER MASK from DR. BRANDT® SKINCARE! This mask is really unlike any other mask that I have tried. It is designed to restore volume, reshape, and fill your facial contour lines around your mouth area.

You see, as we age, we lose facial volume. Collagen thins and facial fat pads lose their fullness and firming power. The result? As we age, skin can take on a hallowed appearance in certain areas of the face. The great news is that this Needles No More® 3-D Filler Mask was specifically designed to combat these issues. This mask provides the volume you need to fill in those areas and get a more youthful looking firmed and filled facial contour.

The self-sculpting formula contains hyaluronic acid, peptides, and an innovative plumping complex. This mask was inspired by the idea of injectable fillers. However, the great needles required here!!!

To find out more about this mask and I how I liked it, please click "read more" below! :)

• HA Booster (revolumizes): A unique combination of Hyaluronic Acid, in high and low molecular weights, and a Hyaluronic Acid Booster — both to better penetrate the layers of skin — acts as a magnet for moisture, increasing skin’s water content, and reduces epidermal thinning. Restores fullness, fills deep wrinkles and reshapes face contours.
• Regenerative Peptides (reshapes): Peptides that build a 3-D network to improve the structure of the cell membranes containing Hyaluronic Acid. Promote cell proliferation, improve tissue regeneration and strengthen the matrix to reshape natural facial contours. 

• Adipofill’in (fills): Stimulates and plumps up the skin. Encapsulated amino acid that reduces the appearance of structural aging, restoring the look of fullness to the upper area of the face — and minimizing it in the

To use the mask, I cleanse my skin and then gently pat dry. Using the brush provided with the product, I simply swipe on the mask in an inverted triangle starting from my chin and working up to my cheekbone area. I use light upward strokes with the brush. You do not rinse off this mask. It stays on the skin to fill in, reshape, and plump. You can use this mask daily.

I like to think of this mask as a target-area anti-aging primer of sorts. It beautifully preps and fills in the target area for excellent makeup application. After you apply, it takes a minute or two to "dry". As it dries, you can literally feel it tightening and firming your skin. My skin looks and feels tighter and smoother after product dries and sets. So, the results are really immediate!

Here is a quick how-to video from DR. BRANDT® SKINCARE:

My Impressions and Results:
This mask is, indeed, very easy to use. As far as my skin goes. I really do not have any major issues yet with facial contour lines or wrinkles. At 41 years old, I do notice that my face possibly looks "thinner" as I age. So, it is possible that I am losing facial fat volume. Mostly, I just have some fine lines that crop up when my skin gets dehydrated. I am certainly not ready for any sort of needles nor inject-able fillers. I really have no plans to go that route. However, I "never say never" and I might feel differently as I age more. So, it is nice to have an option for increasing facial volume and filling in facial contour lines and wrinkles without the use of needles!

This skin plumping formula is very hydrating and beneficial for your skin. I do feel that consistent use keeps my skin looking and feeling more smooth and plump and my fine lines are less apparent. So, I am very pleased! If you are like me and not wanting to try any sort of needles for filling in facial lines, then you might enjoy using this no-needles option as well!

The Scoop:
This Needles No More® 3-D Filler Mask is available at Sephora and retails for $95 for 1.7 oz jar. Check out this brand new January skincare launch! 

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