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Friday, December 4, 2015

The Beauty Spotlight Team "Guilty Pleasures": Pammy Blogs Baking!

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The Beauty Spotlight Team "Guilty Pleasures": Pammy Blogs Baking!
You may have noticed me posting the ongoing Beauty Spotlight Team's "Guilty Pleasures" series? Our focus is to feature a Beauty Spotlight Team Blogger every/other week so that you can get to know them better. We choose "Guilty Pleasures" to give you a glimpse at a different side of each blogger. Our "Guilty Pleasures" really can reveal a lot about who we are. For me, my "Guilty Pleasure" is how I want to spend my time when I do have extra time. Guilty Pleasures are our "true loves", our "happy places". After some deliberation, it became very clear to me what my true Guilty Pleasure was. No, we are not talking products, or makeup, kids crafts, shopping,  or planning (my "runners up" for my Guilty Pleasures and activities that I truly do enjoy)...for me, my true guilty pleasure takes place in the kitchen: Baking!!!

I have had a love of baking for as long as I can remember. My Mom is a fabulous baker and she taught me how to bake when I was a little girl. I even had my own little girl sized set of pans that you can really bake with. I still have those items today and my daughter is starting to bake with them. Some of my best memories of my childhood are of baking in the kitchen with my daughter. It warms my heart these days when I am busy whipping up baked goods in the kitchen and my 3-year old daughter pushes up a chair and grabs a spoon to help. While my daughter is the spitting image of my husband, her personality is all me. My little mini-me is a kindred spirit! 

If you lovely readers are also following my Instagram, then you certainly know that I am a bit baking-obsessed! At least half of my Instagram posts are of my daily cooking and baking projects. If you are not following me on Instagram, here is a link to my profile. I would love it if you would visit me there! :) I am sure some of you are fellow lovers of baking as well! As much as I love blogging about skincare, bath, and beauty products, I could easily start blogging about foods, cooking, and baking as well! I have often toyed with the idea of starting a sister blog that focuses on these aspects of homemaking. Perhaps when my kids get a little bigger, and I find I have a bit more down-time, I will start this up! 

For me, baking is both an outlet for relaxation as well as creativity. I am a creative soul at heart. Plus, I honestly do enjoy taking care of people and I feel that feeding them is part of loving them. Now, I wish I had the skill or ability to create my own recipes. However, I am not there yet (maybe someday). From simple recipes that start with a box mix to more complicated baking projects, I honestly love it all. Pinterest is certainly a source of inspiration for me as well as where I am organizing my future baking and cooking ideas! If you aren't following me over on Pinterest, please head over there so we can Pin together! Pinterest really is a baker's dream for an ideas and inspiration!

With the Holiday Season upon us, my Holiday Baking is in Full Swing! I honestly look forward to my Holiday baking all year. I have my list of about 5 Christmas Cookies that I make every year. Plus, I always experiment with something new as well. Not to mention, I always like doing a special Breakfast Casserole and a Home Made bread every year for Christmas morning. From cookie swaps, to baking for the family. Holiday Baking is one of my greatest pleasures in life. So, is it a "guilty" pleasure? Well, no, it does not make me feel guilty, but it sure is a pleasure! :)

My Favorite Christmas Cookies: (let me know if you want me to do a follow-up post with the recipes!):
  • Bourbon Balls: This is my Mom's recipe. These have always been my favorite. I make these every year! I have brought these to many cookie swaps. So, every year, my cookie swap friends ask me to bring them again! They are soooooo good! 
  • Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Ritz Crackers: These are so good and so easy! You just make peanut butter crackers with Ritz crackers and then dip them in melted bark chocolate. I use both white and regular chocolate. Then I cover them with festive candy sprinkles. They are ridiculously good!
  • Pine Bark: These are a dark chocolate and carmel crispy "bark" style cookie/candy. You lay out saltines on a foil-lined pan and then cover with a butter/sugar mixture. Then you let it set and cover it with dark chocolate chips (spreading it before it cools. When completely cool, you break it up.
  • Peanut Blossoms: These are my daughter's favorite. So, I now make them every year. These are peanut butter cookies with a Hershey's kiss in the middle. 
I would love to share some more of my favorite recipes with you readers! Is that something you would enjoy hearing about from time-to-time on this blog? I really do want to start seriously thinking about food and baking blogging. So, you guys let me know what you think! 

As always, thanks for reading! I would love to hear about some of your favorite recipes (Holiday or year-round). Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for more baking inspiration and sharing of recipes!!! :) 

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Anonymous said...

Yes! More of this!!! :-)

Unknown said...

Awesome, my son and I are learning to cook together! We are an Autism family and my son loves food and cooking it!! Kid or family friendly recipes please!


Anat13 said...

Yes, I please post the recipes! thank you!

Never Say Die Beauty said...

I'd love the recipe for the Bourbon Balls!!

Unknown said...

You got it guys! More recipe post coming soon. :) I think I will blog my Christmas Cookie baking. :) Be sure to follow on Instagram, too! I post a ton of baking stuff there xoxo

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