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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Holiday Gift Shopping Outfit of the Day: December with JustFab!

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December with JustFab: A Complete Look!
'Tis the Season for Christmas Shopping! The hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season is upon us. In between my daily running around with the kids, I am doing my Christmas Shopping. I will fully admit that I do strive to look cute, even when just out shopping with the kids! ;) I try to go for a "casually chic" look. You know, put together without looking like I tried too hard. I believe that I totally achieved that with this clothing, boots, and accessories combo from JustFab!

What is JustFab?
JustFab has long been my go-to site for affordable and trendy shoes, handbags, and accessories. If you haven't been on lately, they also have a full line of clothing now, too. Yes, that is right, you can now shop from head-to-toe from JustFab for complete looks. You can browse items individually on the site or shop the looks to get everything you need to complete your outfit. Personally, I have always loved shopping outfits! It is just so easy that way to make sure that you have everything you need and don't end up with individual items that don't go with anything you have already. Shoes and Handbags start at $39.95 and clothing starts at $9.95. When you join as a VIP you get the option to purchase items monthly from a personal boutique created with your style in mind, or can skip the month if you don't feel like spending.

For my most recent wardrobe update from JustFab, I opted for 3 basics: A large tote-style handbag, a pair of short booties, and a shirt dress. To find out more details about all of these items and to see more pics, please click "read more" below!

This month, I picked out an entire look for JustFab! I wanted something casual, yet chic, to wear for everyday. It turns out that the outfit is my perfect look for running around town doing my Christmas shopping! I absolutely love the overall look. Plus, I must admit, I do like it that total strangers are asking me where I got my dress! So, lets dive right in! I would love to tell you more about the Morlan Boots in Taupe, the Kyler Bag in Dark Blue, and the Flannel Shirt Dress in Blue/Multi!

The Flannel Shirt Dress in Blue/Multi:
The Flannel Shirt Dress: an effortlessly chic Fall Must-Have! I have been eyeing Flannel Shirt Dresses for awhile. They are so on-trend this season! I absolutely adore the fit and the overall ease of this dress. It is sexy and sophisticated while also being totally causal. For the colder weather, I love styling it with a tank underneath, boots, tights, and legwarmers. I especially love that it has a high/low skirt. This might be my favorite new item of clothing for the season! If you have not tried JustFab clothing yet, be sure to check it out. The items are priced very reasonably. Plus, the quality is stellar! Not to mention that JustFab clothing is totally current and on-trend! If you always love wearing what ever is "in" (like me!), then JustFab is the place to look! This dress comes in sizes XS-XXL. Size Small is the perfect fit for me! :)
Kyler Bag in Dark Blue
OMG! I adore this bag. Honestly, I think this might be the first Navy Blue bag that I have ever owned. I tend to gravitate more towards black, camel, red, and pink bags. So, it is honestly really exciting for me to branch out to a Navy bag. Navy is such a great neutral. I honestly picked the bag primarily to coordinate with my Flannel Shirt Dress. However, I have found that it really goes with everything! This bag is a huge tote bag. It holds its shape perfectly! I can fit absolutely everything that I need in here and still have extra room. From sippy cups, to diapers, to my wallet and other personal all fits! Plus, I love having extra room to toss in mine and my kids cardigans and jackets when we need to remove or add a layer when on-the-go! This bag is super classy and I adore it! Such nice quality. Very well made! I feel like it adds a bit of polish and sophistication to my look. It comes in Camel, too!

Morlan Boots in Taupe
Last, but not least, lets talk about these cute boots! As much as I love wearing tall boots, a great neutral short boot is so versatile! These boots are cute, comfortable, warm, and easy-to-wear! The taupe color is very neutral and I find that I can wear these with just about everything. From leggings, to dresses, to all works! I really like the sweater trim and the buckle detail. These seem to fit true-to-size and really are comfortable.

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