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Monday, September 7, 2015

21 Days of Beauty with Ulta Beauty: Today's Deal and More!

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Who else is super excited about Ulta Beauty's annual and highly anticipated 21 Days of Beauty SALE? I know that this is a sale that I particularly look forward to each and every year. This sale typically highlights beauty bestsellers and features them at an amazing discount. So, if there are some highly coveted beauty items on your list, now is the time to try them! So, mark your calanders as there is a different item featured every day! The sale is month long, but there are some daily features that you certainly do not want to miss! 

I had an opportunity to try out a few items from this sale. So, I am going to share with you the items that I picked and my tips for using them! :)

Ya'll, I have literally wanted to try this cult-classic cleanser for years. It is always mentioned as a beauty editor favorite for use with sonic cleansing devices. I tend to switch between using my Michael Todd Sonicare Elite, my FOREO LUNA, and using no device at all. I like my cleansers to be gentle on my skin and clean rinsing. Those are my main requirements for a cleanser. Plus, I do not like cleansers with harsh or irritating ingredients. I must say, this cleanser certainly does live up to its hype. It is super gentle and gives me a complete cleanse with a clean rinse without any dryness nor irritation. I find that it works equally effective no matter what device I use. I also like using it on its own without a cleansing device. This cleanser is an all-around win in my book! (this item was on sale Sept 6th for $15-normally $24: Sorry this sale date has passed! But there are many more items to look forward to!). 
I am so happy to return to one of my favorite brow gels! I have used this one off an on for a few years and think it is fabulous. It is one of the strongest holding brow gels that I know of. Just swipe it through your brows to tame their direction and hold them in place all day long. This is a staple for anyone's makeup collection! Great is on sale TODAY for only $11.00 (regularly $22).  

Oh my poor tired eyes. I am super short on sleep, have a cold, and have hereditary dark circles. So, a cooling, firming, and soothing eye gel patch is absolutely just what I need! These feel *so good* on! These instantly soothe and refresh my eye area and just generally make me happy. I like that these can be put on at any time of day. You don't need to be doing a whole face-mask beauty routine to use these. Just slap these bad boys on any time you want to refresh your eyes. I feel that they leave my skin around my eyes looking smoother, more hydrated, and plumper. These are on sale for $30 on Sept 21st. If your tired eyes need a treat, be sure to check these out! I am obcessed!!!

Have you shopped the Ulta Beauty 21 Days of Beauty SALE yet? What have you gotten and/or what are you planning to buy? I would love to hear and get some recommendations! :) Hope you are all having a great holiday weekend!!! xoxo


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