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Monday, August 17, 2015

Makeup Wars: Under Eye Secrets!

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It is time for another Makeup Wars! This time the Makeup Wars bloggers are sharing their "secret" weapons for the under eye area.
My Biggest Beauty Concern: Dark Under Eye Circles:
There is no question, my biggest beauty battle is dealing with my super dark under eye circles. Honestly, finding effective ways to treat and conceal my dark under eye circles is one of the driving forces behind why I became a beauty blogger. I have struggled with this area for my whole life. Year-round allergies, heredity, and general lack of sleep leave my eye area very dark. When I say dark circles, I am talking about deep dark under eye circles that almost look like black eyes. The darkness has a purple tone with the addition of a red look to the entire area from allergies. 

"Regular" concealer just doesn't cut it for me. I need super-duper pigmented concealer to cover up these bad boys. Plus, the area must be super hydrated in order for the concealer to apply well and not look cakey. Not to mention, at just over 40 years old, my eyes are just starting to show signs of aging. I am lucky to not have any major lines or wrinkles yet. However, when my skin is feeling dehydrated, fine lines crop up in my eye area. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, my eye area is extremely sensitive. I need products that are non-irritating to this delicate area. So, not only do I want to cover and detract from the darkness, but also I want to use products that fight signs of aging. This is a tall order!

I am on the constant search for the best products out there to help with my eye area concerns. I am looking for gentle yet effective eye creams and high-coverage concealers. I certainly have some stand-by favorite products. However, I am always open to trying new things and new combinations of eye cream and concealers.

Today I will mention to you some of my all-around favorites as well as some fabulous new products that I am currently using and loving for my eye area! To find out more, please click "read more" below! :) 

My Stand-By Favorites for my Eye Area: Concealers
Many of these products I have reviewed and/or mentioned frequently. So, without going into great detail, here are some of my all around favorite products for my eye area. These are items that I have repurchased over and over and generally just adore! If you have sensitive eyes and deep dark under eye circles. I highly recommend a combination of the following products:
  • IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye: This concealer is hands-down one of my Top 5 Holy Grail makeup items. You only need the tiniest amount of this super concentrated and highly pigmented concealer to completely obliterate your dark under eye circles. It does all of this without looking too heavy or cakey. Plus, it has very impressive (and even water resistant/waterproof wear). 
  • Hard Candy Glamoflauge: This concealer is amazing! It is very concentrated and highly pigmented. It is very easy to work with, too. Plus, do you want to know the best part? It is super affordable and available at Walmart! There is no question this is the best drugstore priced high coverage concealer that I have found. It really is perfect for concealing my dark circles and I always like to have a tube on hand.
My New Under Eye Favorites: Eye Creams
This is exciting! I am in the midst of exploring these fabulous new (to me) items for my under eye area. I really get so excited when I try a new under eye product that works!!! Believe me, there are plenty of times when I try out an under eye product that does nothing...and I use it a few times and then discontinue. These are the products that ya'll rarely hear about on my blog. I would rather spend my time writing and telling you about new things that I love like these items below!

OMG! I am completely obsessed with this product! I have honestly never tried an item quite like it. This is a new "3-action" solution to target dark circles. It instantly brightens and perfects the eye area by reducing discoloration and protecting against future darkening. It is a lightweight eye cream with buildable coverage. Plus, it has the added bonus of SPF 30 (titanium dioxide based SPF).   
As many of us know, dark circles are often attributed to thin skin and the general pooling of blood underneath the skin of the eye area. Well, the chemists at Kiehl's have also discovered that UV damage and melanin production can also contribute to this darkness. So, they have formulated a product to combat all of these factors.
So, they created this "3-action" formula to fight dark circles by: 
1. Instantly Brightening and Perfecting Skin (with amino acid treated mineral pigments to diminish circles and instantly brighten the area). 
2. Brightens Over Time by Reducing Hyperpigmentation (with Activated C and Licorice Root). 
3. Protection (SPF 30 with 100% Mineral UV Filter). 

So, why do I love this product? Well, it is late Summer and my schedule is super busy. There are many days that I honestly don't want to fuss with a complicated makeup process. Believe me, I never leave the house without concealer: if I did...everyone would ask me if I was tired or sick because of my dark circles. However, this 3-in-1 product has liberated me from a complicated concealer routine! I can literally just swipe this eye cream/concealer combo on my under eye area and instantly look refreshed! Does this pack the same coverage as my typical routine of an eye cream plus a high-coverage concealer...well, no, not completely. However, it really brightens and detracts from my dark circles and is quick and easy to use. I can always add a touch of high coverage concealer to the super dark areas if I feel like I need additional coverage on a particular day. I just love using this product. I like using it especially on those "no makeup"/minimal makeup days when I just want to get up and get going quickly. Fabulous product!!! I am obsessed with it! 
Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream
Here is another new addition to my eye cream arsenal. I know that the Yes To brand is quite popular and has been around awhile...but, I am actually completely new to exploring this brand! First and foremost, this is a line which is 99% natural. While I certainly am not an exclusive user of natural products, I do appreciate natural products and want to work more natural products into my routine.

I think this is a perfect eye cream for the warm weather of late Summer! I really enjoy the ultra light (yet hydrating!) texture. This product seems to just sink right in. It is extremely gentle and has an almost immediate brightening effect. The product seems to have a slight tint to it and leaves your skin a bit luminous. The scent of this eye cream seems odd to me...almost like the scent of a self-tanner? If you are looking for a super gentle and natural drugstore eye cream that has a brightening effect, be sure to check this out!
Neutrogena's Rapid Dark Circle Repair Eye Cream:
This is a pen-style eye cream with a brush tip dispenser. First of all, I really like the packaging. The brush tip is really quick and effective for application. You just click up the product and swipe it on with the brush (and then I smooth it around the area with my fingertip). This cream is a skintone shade with light-reflecting particles (shimmery but not over the top glittery). The shade and light reflectors have an immediate impact with reducing under eye circles. After just a few days of used, I noticed something that looks a bit like surface lightening in the eye area. So, my deep/dark circles where not reduced but the skin itself looks ligher. The overall effect was a brightening effect. So, I am pleased with the results of this product. Even though this product has a bit of a tint and a brightening effect, I still need my usual concealer when I use this. This is a nice eye cream to use in the Summer as it is not overly heavy or rich. Overall, I am really pleased with the results! This is a great eye cream for travel because of its super slim size.

So, that just about wraps up my new (and old) favorites for the under eye area. I really am loving my new assortment of eye creams (especially the Kiehl's one with SPF)! While I do love my favorite high-coverage concealers, it seems that I haven't tried a "new" concealer lately that I love for the eye area. Both of the concealers that I mentioned are ones that I have literally used for years. Does anyone have any great recommendations for high coverage concealers? I need to explore more options! Sure, there are ones that I have tried lately...but no new ones that were great enough to make this list. It seems that I am slightly more picky when it comes to concealers than when it comes to eye creams. There are honestly many more eye creams that I love. The ones that I listed here are the ones that I feel specifically work to help with dark circles and ones that I am loving specifically for Summer. Stay tuned for more eye cream reviews to come in the Fall! I tend to switch to heavier/richer eye creams when the weather gets cooler and I need more moisture in that area.

Be sure to click through the thumnails below to read about what other eye creams and concealers that my fellow Makeup Wars bloggers are loving right now to fight their under eye circles and concerns!

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Christine said...

I need to try out that Kiehl's eye cream!

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I wish the IT Cosmetics came in a lighter shade!

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It for the WIN!

Retrodiva said...

I'm going to need to try the It Cosmetics. I still have nothing of theirs, and everyone loves the line.

Beauty411 said...

I'm with you...that Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Eye Cream is amazing!

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It doesn't get a lot better than IT Cosmetics. I need to try the Kiehl's Dark Spot, that sounds terrific.

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Great tips on products to use! Awesome!

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