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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Clear Skin for Pregnancy, Nursing, and Beyond: Belli's Anti-Blemish Basics Kit!

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There is no doubt that pregnancy brings with it a certain glow. There is nothing better than that anticipation of a new life...a new member of your family. With that said, my pregnancy glow was not just from happiness, it was also a "glow" of oily skin for me! Along with the oily skin came hormonal breakouts that were very hard to treat considering the limited options for pregnancy safe skincare. That is why I am *so glad* that I discovered Belli Skincare while I was pregnant! It really was a lifesaver for my pregnancy-related oily skin and hormonal breakouts. Plus, you can be comfortable and confident that all ingredients in Belli Skincare are effective while being totally safe for the baby. Now that I am past my two pregnancies (still nursing my baby boy), I am still loving and using Belli Skincare! Believe me, I love it so much that I will continue to use past nursing. The cleanser especially is my new Holy Grail cleanser!

This kit from Belli Skincare is a great way to get started with the line. It contains my beloved and adored Anti-Blemish Facial Wash as well as the Acne Control Spot treatment. If you are dealing with those dreaded hormonal breakouts from pregnancy, these products will really help!!! 

Anti-Blemish Facial Wash: 
This is a lactic acid cleanser which gently exfoliates your skin without over-drying it. I love the gel-like consistency and amazing light scent. It completely cleanses my skin and leaves me feeling fresh. I like that it can be used as a "mask". When I wash, I leave it on for a couple minutes for the ingredients to really get to work on my skin. I use this cleaner every day (when I am not testing out other products) in my morning shower. I just love it!!!

Acne Control Spot Treatment: 
I primarily used this treatment in pregnancy when I would get hormonal breakouts. I still use it occasionally after pregnancy (as I am still nursing, so I want to continue to be safe with my skincare). The active ingredient in the treatment is Sulfur which is safe and pretty effective as a spot treament for existing breakouts as well as breakout prevention. I apply this to my chin and nose area where I tend to get breakouts. 

If you are pregnant, or nursing, or just looking for gentle and effective skincare for acne-prone skin, be sure to check out Belli Skincare and specifically this Anti-Blemish Basics Kit!

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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