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Monday, April 27, 2015

Makeup Wars: Favorite Eye Makeup Remover

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Hey readers! It is time for another Makeup Wars! Woot woot! :) I just had to jump into this Makeup Wars, in particular, because I have a *clear* stand-out favorite in this category. Sometimes I am on the fence with my favorites or Makeup Wars choices. Well, not this time! I have a product to share with ya'll today that I am seriously flippin obcessed with...lets jump right in to find out more below!

My Favorite Eye Makeup Remover:
BIODERMA - SENSIBIO H2O MICELLE SOLUTION (FOR SENSITIVE SKIN). I absolutely adore this BIODERMA Micellar Water! It feels like nothing going on yet it magically dissolves all of my eye makeup without stinging nor irritating (Unlike other eye makeup removers that either sting my eyes or skin or leave me feeling greasy). Seriously, this stuff is magic!

I will admit, BIODERMA was the very first Micellar Water that I ever used. So, I am more than a bit biased about my love for it. Since discovering the joys of using Micellar Water as an eye makeup remover, I have not turned back! Nope! Yes, I have tried quite a few other kinds...and yes, they are good. However, I always come back full circle to BIODERMA.

How does it work?
An efficacious micellar cleanser with a soap-free, physiological pH formula Helps gently cleanse & remove face & eye makeup, including water-resistant ones. Contains micelles that effectively micro-emulsify impurities while preserving balance of skin. Blended with soothing & decongesting active ingredients to prevent feelings of irritation. Ensures excellent cutaneous & ocular tolerance Leaves skin pure, clear & comfortable Perfect for sensitive, normal to dry skin.

Where to Buy?
BIODERMA Micellar Water can be hard to find here in the USA! I got mine current bottle of BIODERMA from Jewlzie (as a press sample). Jewlzie is a beauty shopping website with more than 600 brands available. You can find skincare, fragrance, makeup, products for Him, haircare, and yes...even BIODERMA! Plus, they offer free shipping! Be sure to check them out! :)

Curious about what my fellow Makeup Wars bloggers picked for their Favorite Eye Makeup Removers? Be sure to scroll through the thumbnails below to read their posts and see what they picked! :)

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Kelly said...

I've tried the Micellar waters and I just don't get them. Maybe I need to try harder? :-)

Brooke @ Blushing Noir said...

I've heard incredible things about Bioderma! I need to try it!

Anonymous said...

I've tried this product as a small bottle which came free with the purchase of another Bioderma product. I really liked it.

MarciaF said...

I just bought this from Beautylish and it came today. I'm so excited to start using it. I do wonder if it will take off my gel liner. I hope it does.

MIki said...

I agree with Kelly, I haven't seen the power in micellar water like everyone boasts about either. It doesn't work wonders for me. Mind you, I haven't tried the Bioderm. Thanks for the detailed explanation of it! I guess I just have to try it now! Have you used Lancôme Bifacil though?? Because it is the holy grail eye makeup remover!

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