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Monday, April 6, 2015

Do you PreCleanse? Here is why you should with Dermalogica!

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Have you jumped on the oil cleansing/per-cleanse bandwagon yet? What is a PreCleanse? Is PreCleansing something I need in my life? All good questions! Lets jump into some answers! ;)

Dermalogica's PreCleanse Oil and Wipes are really a revolutionary new way to get the most out of your cleansing process. It is a PreCleanse: a step before cleansing to remove makeup, impurities, pollutants from the enviornment, sunscreens, etc and prep your skin for an ideal cleansing experience with your 2nd step.

Do you ever have this trouble: Where you remove your makeup and cleanse your face (thinking you are completely clean) only to wake up with raccoon eyes in the morning because your eye makeup was not removed all the way? I hate that! Well, a good PreCleanse will eliminate this problem!

Dermalogica has 2 great products for PreCleansing: PreCleanse Oil and PreCleanse Wipes (travel friendly!). Both formulas are water soluble, so they wash away without leaving any residue. Plus, PreCleanse even works for oily skin! Yes, oil on oily skin...sounds like a crazy concept...but it works as oil dissolves oil. I can attest to this as my combo skin is leaning much more towards oily lately and these PreCleansing products certainly do rinse clean, leave me feeling fresh, and wash away my face oils while still leaving me soft. I am impressed!

Dermalogica PreCleanse Oil:
PreCleanse Oil is a lightweight and freshly scented cleansing oil. To use, dispense into dry hands and apply to dry face. Massage to dissolve makeup, surface oil and dirt, concentrating on areas of congestion. Wow, this step is amazing! You can literally see the product breaking down the makeup and melting the dirt right away. Next, you emulsify the product by dampening your hands with water and continuing to massage your face with your wet hands. The product turns into a milky emulsion. I love this step! Next, rinse with warm water (sometimes I like to use a soft washcloth here, too) and follow with your cleanser. This process truly does give you a deeper clean! After my 2nd cleansing step, I especially notice how clean and soft my skin is! This is a truly deep clean (without over-stripping your skin!)

Dermalogica PreCleanse Wipes:
PreCleanse Wipes are biodegradable wipes for healthy skin in a travel-friendly form! To use, wipe over eyes, lips, and face to dissolve makeup, surface oil, and dirt. Then, you add water to the wipe to activate the emulsification process and wipe again over the skin. Next, you rinse and then follow up with your step 2 cleansing (your normal cleanser). These wipes are a great way to get your Dermalogica PreCleanse if you are a "wipes girl"! Also, if you want a really deep clean you can use the wipes and even follow up with the PreCleanse Oil and then your step 2 cleanser.

Do you PreCleanse? Is this something that you would like to try? Honestly, before I tried it, it sounded like "just another step" to add to my beauty routine. Who has time for that? I am always tired in the evenings and ready to just get to bed after a long day. Well, after seeing the results, I am certainly going to try to take the time to PreCleanse with Dermalogica more often! I mean, it just removes my makeup so well and gives me such a great cleanse! I think these products are so effective!


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