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Thursday, September 11, 2014

CVS launches MUA Makeup Academy!

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CVS Launches MUA Makeup Academy:
CVS is carrying a new makeup line: MUA (Makeup Academy)! This is a new premium beauty line that you can get right at the drugstore. It is available exclusively at CVS/pharmacy! I love it when you can get premium makeup at the drugstore. You really can't beat that convenience.

I love trying out new makeup lines. It gives me so much to explore! This line particularly intrigues me because it is very specialized: rather than having every type of product imaginable, they have 3 main product types: lips, brushes, and false lashes.

Developed by makeup professionals and beauty experts to bring premium quality cosmetics and beauty accessories to makeup lovers everywhere, the Makeup Academy line has more than 145 products within three categories – lip in fashion-forward colors and luxurious textures, expertly-crafted brushes, and a wide range of false eyelashes.

I tried out an assortment of lip products and brushes from this line. To find out more details about these items and here my thoughts, please click "read more" below!
I tried out a few lip products and a couple brushes from the new MUA line. 

MUA has more than 100 lip products including lipsticks, glosses, crayons, stains, liquid lipsticks, and balms. That is impressive! 
I tried this out in the shade #283 Red. I honestly have never tried a lip product quite like this one! It is packaged like a lipstick. What is different is that the lipstick bullet has the color on the inside and a clear gel-like moisturizer on the outside. So cool! The effect is a sheer lip color and a glossy shine at the same time! It feels super moisturizing and hydrating going on. Retails for $8.00
I tried out the shade #255 Rose which is a medium neutral rose. I love the smooth feel and creamy formula of this lipstick! It gives great color while nourishing your lips. The color shows on the top of the cap. I like this not only for choosing your shade at the drugstore, but also for picking out your color in your makeup collection. I really wish all lipsticks were packaged this way! :) Retails for $9.00

As the name states, this is a super shimmery lipstick. I tried the shade #290 Rosey. The shimmer is both a glittery sparkle as well as a "flash" of shine. While the shade is a medium pink the shimmer almost has a duochrome effect with flashes of silver and lavender. It really makes for a complex and sparkly lip look. Very pretty. If you are into sparkly lips, then you will love this. The formula is smooth. Retails for $8.00

MUA Super Sparkle Gloss:
As the name states, these glosses are super sparkly. They are packaged in a squeeze tube with an angled tip. The shade I tried out is a pretty medium pink with mega sparkle (not sure of the shade name since I don't see it on the tube, I think it is the shade #141 Candy). The gloss is pigmented and somewhat sticky with a super slight mint scent. Retails for $7.00
I think it is so great that you can get professional quality brushes at the drugstore. I actually have a lot of luck with drugstore brushes and think that the MUA line is a great addition to the CVS brush offerings! I like the styling of these brushes. They are elegant and sleek looking with their black handles, simple silver lettering, and black brush hairs. The brushes are light weight and well constructed. I have experienced no brush hair shedding from either MUA brush that I tried out.

The premium, expertly crafted brush collection makes it easier than ever to create flawless makeup looks, conveniently and affordably.

I use a crease brush almost every single day. Even when I do very light or natural makeup (which is most days), I still like to define my crease. This MUA Crease brush is the perfect size to fit right into my crease of my eye. Many crease brushes are too big, but not this one. It is just right for applying and blending out color through the crease area. I love it! This brush retails for $10.00. 

When I do a full makeup look, I like to fill in my brows with brow powder. The best brush for this is an angled brush. This MUA Angled Liner/Brow brush is perfect for applying brow powder! It picks up just enough product to make application a breeze. While I found this brush to be a bit too thick for applying eye liner, it is perfect for the brows! It is now actually my everyday brow brush (and it has replaced what I was previously using). That is the true test! Retails for $10.00.

Have you seen the new MUA line at CVS? I would love to hear what you have tried and how you like the items...or, if you have not tried any, what products intrigue you? There still are a lot of items that I would love to explore in the MUA line. While I am not typically a false-lash wearer, I would still like to try some as I do occasionally wear them for special occasions. Also, I would love to particularly explore the lip glosses more as well as try the lip liners, primer, and lip scrub. Brush-wise, I want to try the All Over Shadow brush, the BB/CC Cream brush, the Retractable Powder brush, the Point Liner Brush, and the Mineral Powder Brush.

Next time you are at CVS and need makeup brushes, lippies, or lashes, be sure to check MUA out!

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