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Monday, June 23, 2014

Makeup Wars: Top Purple Shadows!!!

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It is time for another Makeup War! This time the Makeup Wars bloggers are battling it out over the best Purple Shadows! So, what does a die-hard "neutrals-girl" like myself think about purple shadow???...I love 'em! Seriously, they work so well with my coloring that they are almost a neutral. Plus, with the cool effects of color theory, wearing purple shadows really brings out the very slight green tint in my blue eyes. If I am not in neutral shadows, I tend to be in a purple. I like to embed purples right into the outer corner of my eye for just a little pop of color in an otherwise neutral look.

My Top Purple Shadows: A Drugstore Palette Gem!
So, what purples do I reach for? This is so easy for me to answer! 99.9% of the time I reach for my low-end favorite...the gorgeous Petal Pusher palette from Wet n' Wild. This is an entire palette of gorgeous purple-toned shadows and shadows that pair well with purples. Sure, I am kinda cheating by picking a purple toned palette here rather than a single shade...but, really, when I think "purple", I think of this palette! :) I guess if I had to pick one favorite shadow from this palette it would be the 2nd from the bottom on the left (the purple "crease" shade). The frosty pink in this palette is beautiful on the lid, too. Those are my most used shades out of this palette. You can create a complete purple shadow look with this kit, or just use a single purple toned shadow to give your look a purple accent. Not only are Wet n' Wild shadows amongst the best shadows of the drugstore, their amazing formula is even better than many high end eyeshadows. The shadows are highly pigmented, creamy in texture, and totally blendable. Really, the only downside for these is the cheap packaging. Otherwise, the product itself is stellar! At $4.99 for a palette of 8 great quality shadows, your really can't beat it!!!

High End Shadow: My "Purpley" Shadow Fave:
If I am reaching for a high-end purple, my go-to brand is Urban Decay. The texture and pigmentation of there shadows is pretty much my high-end favorite across-the-board (there are many brands that I love, but Urban Decay really stands out for fabulous texture!). My favorite purple-toned shadow from Urban Decay is Rockstar which is a "deep aubergine shimmer". Honestly, this shade is not only one of my favorite purples, but also one of my favorite single shadows regardless of shade family. Rockstar is flipping gorgeous! It is such a complex color: it is a purple that wears really neutral yet still has a purple tone to it. It is almost like a taupey-purple. It certainly does have enough brown tones in it to make it wear very neutral. I have it as part of my Urban Decay <3 NYC Palette (which I have had for years and is honestly one of my very favorite Urban Decay palettes ever!!!). Rockstar is absolutely a gorgeous shade. This is my "going out" shade. When I want a more amped up look for a night out, I tend to put this beautiful shade on my outer corner and through my crease.

Be sure to click through the thumbnails below to find out what Purple Shadows the other Makeup Wars bloggers love! I know that I am curious!!! :)


Kelly said...

So nice to see an inexpensive option!

Phyrra said...

Love your choices, especially Rockstar!

Unknown said...

I don't think I own a single Urban Decay purple. Criminal!

MarciaF said...

Great choices. I can't ever find the Wet n'Wild palette which is so strange. I think it's just too popular.

Eugenia said...

I LOVE that WET N WILD palette!!

Brooke @ Blushing Noir said...

LOVE that WnW palette!

jbrobeck said...

Yay for Wet n Wild 8-pan palettes!

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