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Monday, June 2, 2014

Get Your Summer "Tan" 60 Minutes with Fake Bake!

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Now that warm weather is here, I am ready to get my Summer "tan" going. As ya'll know, I am super-duper fair. Like, almost porcelain-white fair. Tanning in the sun just doesn't really work for me. Not only is it unsafe with my family history of skin cancer, but also it just doesn't work. I would burn, then peel and be red, and then be left with no color. 

Self-tanning, on the other hand, is the way to go! I can get gorgeous color in a totally safe way! I have actually *really missed* self-tanning as I was pregnant last Spring and Summer and was avoiding self tanners. Now that my beautiful baby is here (he arrived in January), I can get going with some self-tanning again! Whoo-hoo! 

Fake Bake has some awesome self-tanners. This review is specifically for Fake Bake's Luxurious Golden Bronze 60 minutes Self-Tan Liquid & Professional Mitt. This product really excites me. I mean, self tanning is great and all...but, I do hate waiting for color to develop. With many self-tanning products, I have to apply the night before and let the color process overnight. With this product, I can get color within an hour! To find out more about this product and how it worked for me, please click "read more" below. 
Fake Bake's Luxurious Golden Bronze 60 minutes Self-Tan Liquid & Professional Mitt:
This awesome self-tanner from Fake Bake has rapid self-tan technology with gives you an express tan in 60 minutes! I am so impressed. 

The product itself:
This 60 Minute tanner is in a spray liquid form. The liquid has a "color guide" which looks dark (greenish-blue, which gives you a bit of a tan "color" when you spread it over your skin) when you spray it on. Personally, I love tanners with color guides as it allows you to know where the product is going and helps for an even application. 

Application is a total snap. After exfoliating your body in the shower and drying off, start your tanning process by putting on the gloves that are included in this kit (Note: you should always wear gloves when tanning. Even with using a mitt, the color can come through the mitt and stain your hands). Just spray it on your body with the spray container (the fine mist applies very well). Then spread the product over your skin with your gloved hand inside the application mitt. The application mitt spreads the color product so evenly. 

My Thoughts:
I found that this product was easy to apply and dried very quickly. The initial scent of the product is nice and somewhat tropical. Also, I did not find the "self tan" smell to be very noticeable at all with this product! My color certainly develops in 60 minutes. Wow! All self-tanners should work this well and this quickly! I am totally impressed. Plus, I found that the color was light and natural. It did have a slight hint of yellow, but overall looks quite natural. Also, I feel that with the spray mist product. You could give yourself either a light application or a heavier application depending on how much you spray on. I feel that you can self-adjust your color and impact your own results very easily with this type of product and application.

Using this tanner fits really well into my everyday routine. I can apply it on mornings that I shower later in the day. Often I get up and either exercise or take a stroller walk. I can apply this tanner first thing in the am and then get dressed in workout clothes. Then after my workout/walk, I can just rinse off the color guide in the process of my regular shower routine. So easy! 

I am a huge fan of this 60 Minute tanner from Fake Bake! I am going to continue to use this throughout the Spring and Summer (and even into long as skin is exposed, I am tanning!). I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get a quick and natural looking tan from a bottle. 

Have you tried any products from Fake Bake? I am looking to explore the line further and would love to hear about any products that you have used and liked. 


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Anonymous said...

I'm going to see if there's a way for me to get my hands on this brand here! I really hope I can...

KayVee said...

You should show a before and after picture.

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