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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lancome Loves: NEW DreamTone Dark Spot Correcting Serum plus some Bestsellers!

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Recently I have had the opportunity to explore the Lancome line further. While Lancome is a brand that I have used and trusted for years, it had been awhile since I had played around with items from the brand. So, I am super excited to re-introduce myself to the line by testing out not only a brand-new product, but also some of the brand's bestsellers!

Exploring Lancome: For this review, I got to test out the brand new DreamTone Dark Spot Correcting Serum. In addition, I tried out some of Lancome's classic bestsellers like the classic Bi Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover, the Gloss in Love in Flash in Fushia, and Definicils Mascara.

As many of you know, I was recently pregnant. While pregnancy itself can be wonderful, what it does to your skin is less-than-wonderful. Not only was my skintype all over the map (from dry patches to overactive oil production), I developed dark spots and the dark spots that I had got even darker. So, when I heard about Lancome's new DreamTone Dark Spot Correcting Serum, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out. Dark Spot correction was just what I needed. 

Now, my Dark Spots are not that noticeable and I only have a couple of them. I know that I am my own worst critic sometimes and they are mostly noticed by me. They are occurring around the sides of my face mostly at my jawline. I also have a couple on my chest. I believe they are a result from mild sun exposure while pregnant in areas that I must be "missing" from sunscreen application. It really makes me want to re-think how I am applying my SPF because I want to be protected not only from dark spots, but from skin cancer, too (it runs in my family and I have also lost a dear friend to Melanoma). I honestly never thought I was missing an area of my face until these dark spots cropped up. 

Lancome DreamTone Dark Spot Correcting Serum:
The Skinny:
  • Lancome's DreamTone Dark Spot Correcting Serums come in 3 Skintone shades: Fair, Medium, and Dark. These are "barely tinted" to help even out your skintone and blur dark spots and uneven pigment. I tried out the Fair shade which works really well with my super fair (almost porcelain) skintone.
  • Retails for $98.00 for a 1.3 fl oz pump
  • Over time, this product promises to diminish dark spots, even out your skintone, and reduce imperfections like redness and breakouts.
I have been using this product in the mornings for a few weeks. I like using it in the mornings because it is a tinted product and the light sheer tint and the silky texture makes it not only a nice serum, but also a great makeup primer! I am someone who often skips a full face of foundation. I find that using this tinted serum plus a dusting of powder has a great results as far as evening out my skin tone. I really don't need full foundation when I can use this plus a powder (and of course concealer for my super dark under eye circles!). So, for the tinted priming benefits alone, I really like this product! I think of it as a serum/primer that also packs in skincare benefits. Why use a "regular" makeup primer when you can use one that has skincare benefits! :)

As far as the impact on my dark spots, I have seen a slight reduction in my dark spots. From my previous pregnancy, I do know that my dark spots tend to fade over time regardless of what I use. So, my reduction in spots might be due to this DreamTone Serum in combination with the natural lightening of my spots that tends to occur over time. However, at just a few months post childbirth, it does seem that they are lightening quicker than they did last time. So, I think that I can attribute that to this serum.

As far as the packaging, I really like the pump style of the tube. One pump dispenses just the right amount of product. Plus, pumps are super sanitary and I am generally a fan of all pump-style containers. The downside to the opaque packaging and pump container is that you really can't tell how much product you have left.

The Product Itself and How I Use:
As far as the product itself, like I mentioned, it is lightly tinted and super smooth. I love the silky primer-like feel. It really just glides right on my skin and feels soothing. Now, the product is pretty heavily scented. So, if product scents bother you, then you may want to skip this product. However, the scent is nice and pleasant. I do find that I need to use an additional moisturizer over this primer. Since I mostly use this product in the daytime, I just follow up my application with my daily SPF/moisturizer.

I tried out the shade #391 Flash in Fushia which is a gorgeous rich Fushia. This shade is so flattering on my very fair skintone! This gloss gives fabulous shine while also moisturizing my lips. I love the cool click-release for the wand. So inventive! I have never had a gloss open quite like that before. :) Sometimes it is just the "little things" like that which makes a product stand out. I also like the curved foot of the doe-foot applicator. It feels like it "hugs" your lips when you apply it. The gloss itself has a smooth and moisturizing feel going on. There is a somewhat fruity scent that reminds me a bit of cough syrup (I am one that kinda likes the cherry flavor of cough syrup, lol). These retail for $27.00 each.

I am so excited to re-introduce myself to this amazing eye makeup remover. Not only do I love it, but it was my go-to favorite Eye Makeup Remover for many many years. Like many beauty bloggers, I sometimes stray from my favorite products like this one because I am in the process of testing new products out and then it takes me awhile to come back full circle to products that I already know and love. Well, shame on me, I have "missed" this eye makeup remover! It truly lives up to all of its hype: it gently and effectively removes all traces of eye makeup.

How I Use:
I just shake up the bottle to "active" the bi-phase product (emollients in water). Then I either dip in a q-tip or decant onto a cotton pad (depending on how much eye makeup I am using). Next, I simply sweep the q-tip or pad over my eye area allowing it to soak a bit and then swipe off the makeup. Easy peasy! It removes everything and leaves my skin feeling slightly moisturized (yet not greasy). Also, it does not sting nor irritate my eyes like other removers sometimes do.

I think that this remover is gentle and effective which is exactly what I look for in an eye makeup remover. Also, it does not take much product. So, often a bottle of remover will last me quite a long time. So, this a a good deal at $28.00 a bottle because it will last you a long time. If you are a fan of bi-phase removers, then you really must try this one! It is a classic and is my gold-standard for judging all other bi-phase makeup removers. :)

Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara:
This mascara is somewhat of a cult-classic. Lancome is known for their mascaras and I can see why! I really enjoy the formula of this award-winning mascara. It provides beautiful lash definition without any clumping, smudging, nor flaking. Now, this is a feat considering that my eyes are very prone to watering and most mascaras smudge on me. I love the super sleek and narrow tube packaging. I find that the wand is very easy to hold because of the slim design (This is coming from me, whose favorite drugstore mascara is CoverGirl lash blast that has a very large tube. Lancome's is much easier to hold!). The formula is a bit on the wet side. Each lash is left defined and lengthened. I do not get a lot of "thickening" with this mascara, as it is more of a "length" mascara. The brush head is a classic spoolie-type brush that works well to comb out lashes and distribute product. If you like purchasing high-end mascaras, this is a great option! This mascara retails for $27.50 and comes in 4 shades. 

What are your favorites from Lancome? I really want to explore the line even further and would love your recommendations for your favorite products!

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