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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

NEW for Spring 2014 from Prestige: Total Intensity

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Have you seen the new Total Intensity items from Prestige??? 

Prestige has expanded its "Total Intensity" line for Spring 2014! The line has expanded from duo-chrome shadows, eyeliners, and mascara to now include these new pressed eye shadows, eyeshadow crayons, lipstick crayons, and even a makeup remover.  

If you are not familiar with the Total Intensity line, it is named for its intensely pigmented and long-wearing color. If you are all about products with very saturated pigments, you are going to need to scope out this line! The colors are rich and bold and yes...sooooo pigmented! Seriously, phenomenal quality not only for a drugstore line, but for makeup across the board!

  • Total Wear Eyeshadow Sticks: (retail for $9.50 each): remarkably lightweight, longwearing, sweat-proof, crease-proof and can also be used as eyeliner. As you would expect from this line, these Eyeshadow Sticks are very pigmented. Just a few swipes gives you full color. I tried the shades: Jungle War (metallic forest green), Desert Delusion (copper), and Meteorite (steel grey). These all have a shimmery metallic finish and are incredibly long wearing. I did not experience creasing when worn with a primer (note: I typically do not have trouble with eye products creasing). These are great worn either as a shadow or a liner.
  • Total Wear Lipstick Crayons: (retail for $9.50 each): a modern interpretation of a classic lipstick. In a single stroke, they pamper lips and deliver full coverage and ultra-luminous finish that won’t run or feather. I tried the shade "Wine Not?" which is a gorgeous deep true red with a metallic finish.
  • Total Intensity Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover: (retails for $7.95): enriched with green tea leaf extract to render anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits. If you are wearing intense long-wearing makeup, like this Total Intensity line, you are going to need a good makeup remover! This one works great and is gentle on my eyes. This remover is a clear oily liquid with a very soft and pleasant scent. I use it by either saturating a q-tip or dabbing some on a cotton round (depending on how much makeup I'm wearing) and wiping it over my eye makeup.

  • True Metal Eyeshadows: (retail for $9.75 each):
    five highly pigmented creamy shadows made with naturally occurring metallic pigments that deliver a dramatic reflective finish. The additional five eyeshadows, Color Rush, use a breakthrough color-matrix technology that entraps pigments and provides a controlled and even release during application. The more a shadow is rubbed, the more pigment is released resulting in more color coverage. These eye shadows are extremely impressive! They are certainly high-end quality at a drugstore price. They pack a gorgeous and rich intensely pigmented metallic finish. I tried four shades: Makeup Your Mind (metallic olive), Bronze (metallic bronze), Out of the Blue (metallic medium blue), and Sterling (metallic silver). These really are so gorgeous! Now, ya'll know I am a neutrals girl. So, I am getting the most wear out of the silver and the bronze. If you love to experiment with vivid metallic colors, then you must scope out these shadows. Plus, I love the cool 3-d imprints they do on the shadows, too! Very cool!

The Skinny:

Here is the Core Prestige Total Intensity Line:
 (image source

What items from this line do you have your eye on? If you love pigment, then you must try out the True Metal Eyeshadows! Me? I would love to try out those Eyeshadow trios! They look beautiful! 

As always, thanks so much for reading!


daydreaming beauty said...

I have been looking for some of the new TI line. They look gorgeous, and I've heard great things about them! The only thing I've tried so far are the eyeliners, which are great! I like them better than UD 24/7 lol!

Sunny said...

Makeup Your Mind is calling my name pretty loudly! I can never say no to a good olive/khaki eyeshadow!

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