Pammy Blogs Beauty: What is new from JustFab? January Haul: The Maxime Boot and Signature Skinny Mutli Zipper Jeans!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

What is new from JustFab? January Haul: The Maxime Boot and Signature Skinny Mutli Zipper Jeans!

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It is time for my monthly JustFab Haul! This month has been one of big transition for baby boy arrived on the 9th, just a few days after I placed this order! Needless to say, it has been a busy month getting used to having a new baby at home. With that said, I took a guess at my jean size...and being post-baby, these jeans don't quite fit just yet. However, they will soon! So, I have something to look forward to: these gorgeous new jeans!

Here are some looks from JustFab featuring my new items: the adorable Maxime fringe boot and the Signature Skinny Multi-Zipper skinny jeans! I love how both of these items lend themselves to the casual-chic look that I love!

The Maxime Boot from JustFab:
These boots are so cute! I will admit, fringe is a bit of a departure for me style-wise. However, these boots still "called to me" when looking through the month's selections. Sometimes I just love adding a piece to my wardrobe that is truly different from everything else that I have. These boots feature a 3 1/4 inch wedge and side fringe detailing. The front of the boot is faux suede and the back faux leather. These fit a little bit small. So, maybe order a 1/2 size up. However, I did find them to be a bit loose through the calf. However, my legs are on the thin-side. My only complaint is that these boots do not have a side zipper. You must slide them completely on your leg and foot. They can be difficult to get on and off.

The Signature Skinny Multi Zipper from JustFab:
These jeans have a great sexy-casual with an edge vibe! I really can't wait to wear them and wish that they fit (if you didn't read above, I had a baby less than 2 weeks ago. So, I am slowly transitioning back to my usual size). I ordered a size up from my usual size: a 27. However, those are still about 2 sizes too small for my current post-baby body. I love the overall quality of JustFab jeans. These are no exception! The denim is soft and durable. I like how the back rises up a bit higher as well. I seriously can't wait to wear these!

What are you eyeing from JustFab lately? If you are on the lookout for affordable and trendy boots and jeans, JustFab is a great option!

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