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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Caudalie's Divine Scrub: A Heavenly Scrub for Your Body

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New Birchbox Shop Item: Caudalie's Divine Scrub
I am a total fan of Caudalie's Facial Skincare. So, when Birchbox asked me (as a Birchblogger) to review their new launch, Caudalie's Divine Scrub, I eagerly agreed! Body Scrubs are a standard item for me in the shower. I use them at least 2-3 times a week. I just love the way a good scrub makes my skin look and feel. 
Caudalie's Divine Scrub:
This is a luxurious scrub which softens and smooths your skin with brown sugar and four exotic oils (grape, argan, hibiscus, and sesame). This scrub gently exfoliates while leaving your skin softly scented. Speaking of the scent...O.M.G!!! This scent is truly...divine! The scent is a Caudalie's Divine Fragrance: a combination of grapefruit, rose, pink pepper, vanilla, cedar, and white musk. Do you know what this scent reminds me of? My homemade melt-and-pour soaps! I scent them with this "rain" fragrance (or at least I think that is the name of the scent, it might be "vanilla rain", there is no longer a label on my soap fragrance bottle) which smells just like this!!!

The scrub itself is very dense. I just scoop a little bit out with my fingers and work it over my body after cleansing. I like that there is almost a creaminess to this product as you work it over your skin. While this product is formulated with oils, it somehow does not leave you (nor your shower) feeling greasy! My skin is left feeling smooth, moisturized, and beautifully scented. I am completely in love with this scrub!

The Skinny:
Caudalie's Divine Scrub is available at the Birchbox online shop (launched mid-July)

Are you a Caudalie fan, too? What products do you like from the line? As a fan of this Divine scent, I would love to scope out their other items that carry this gorgeous fragrance!!! This scent is so amazing that I would wear it in any form! Next time you are browsing the Birchbox Shop, be sure to check out this scrub! :)

As always, thanks for reading!


Chantel said...

I want to try this product.

Gaby Fauchon said...

Can you believe I have never tried anything from Caudalie? I always prefer dense body scrubs though!

Unknown said...

@Gaby-Ooooh! Caudalie really has some great stuff! I like their skincare, too...particularly their Premiere Cru Eye Cream and the Beauty Elixr. They have some nice body butters, too!

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