Pammy Blogs Beauty: The Weekly Question: Did you stick to "Tried and True" Favorites or do you like to Experiment with New Products???

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Weekly Question: Did you stick to "Tried and True" Favorites or do you like to Experiment with New Products???


Every other Wednesday, the Metro Atlanta Beauty Bloggers will answer a beauty-related question just for fun!

This week's question is:

Product testing aside, on a daily basis do you stick to your "tried & true" favorites or do you like to experiment with different products?

Honestly, a little bit of both! Sure, I have tried-and-true favorites when it comes to skincare, makeup, hair care, body products, and fragrance. However, I am a bit obsessed with whatever is "new" for the season or limited edition (oh, those words just make me *want it*, lol!).

Sure, I am a bit more loyal when it comes to skincare. I mean, it takes a good month or so for me to even test out a new skincare product. So, when it comes down to it...when I find a good skincare item, it is a keeper for sure! :) However, I am so intrigued by research-based skincare products. If the product has fabulous claims that are backed by *real* research, then you know that I am all about trying it (especially if it promises to help with the bane of my existence: dark under eye circles!). So, my skincare is always a mix of tried-and-true basics and items that I am testing.

My hair is very long, thick, highlighted, dry/damaged, and fine. It is straight; yet, it is prone to frizz. My hair is very picky when it comes to products! My main "splurge" in life at the moment is my every 12 weeks visit to the salon for my (too expensive) highlights! Yes, my hair is an investment. So, I want to take very good care of it! Redken's All Soft is my Holy-Grail Hair Care line. While I often test out other brands, I always go back to it. Also, I never stray from my every 12 week pre-highlights Aphogee protein treatment. While All Soft is my Holy-Grail Hair Care, pretty much anything from Redken or Pureology rocks my socks. So, I am always excited to try out their new promotions!

I have a few items I never stray from when it comes to MAC's Studio Fix and Satin Taupe or my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and my Pixi Fairy Face Palette.  There are some others, too. However, I am a complete and total *sucker* for Limited Edition cosmetic collections! The drugstores are constantly coming out with new collections and the higher-end brands have some truly beautiful seasonal assortments! I find that trying out new makeup collections is the best way to stay out of a "makeup rut"!

Oh how I love fragrance! Nothing else beauty-wise has the power to evoke such strong memories, sensations, and feelings! Fragrance is so personal. I am a believer in having a signature scent. However, I strongly believe that scents are seasonal! Also, I feel that you can have more than one signature scent!!! Furthermore, I *love* exploring new fragrances!!! I love getting ready for the day and deciding what fragrance fits my mood and my plans for the day.

My absolute all-time favorite scent is Terry Mugler's Angel. Nothing else smells more delicious and amazing than Angel. I adore wearing it and I have worn it for about 10+ years. However, it is a very heavy scent. I prefer to wear it more in the colder months and for nighttime occasions. My other signature scent is Gucci's L'Eau the One. L'Eau the One is my Husband's favorite fragrance on me. So, I wear that one knowing that he just adores it! With all that said, I have a few new favorites! The latest? Valentino's Valentina Assolute!!! It is absolutely divine!!! Other recent faves? Shiseido's Zen Secret Garden (my fav this past Winter), Prada's Amber (review coming soon)!, and Shakira's E'au de Florale (I was suprised!).

Bath and Body Products:
Pretty much the only body product that I do not stray from is my beloved Olay soap! It is always in my shower and I always have back-ups on hand. :) Oh, and also my Skintimate Shave gel (in particular, I love the Strawberry scent!) Otherwise, all is fair game!

I love body splashes and scented body lotions! Occasionally I only wear body splash layered with body lotion. However, most often I layer my body lotions and body splashes with my perfumes. I love doing this! I almost always have a small-sized body splash in my handbag/diaper bag to refresh during the day. You can really customize your scent when you layer body splash over your perfume. :)

Besides scented body lotions and body splashes, I adore other bath products, too! I particularly love bath salts, body scrubs, and bubble bath/shower gels. I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to either LUSH or Bath and Body works; but also, I love drugstore brands like Bodycology, too!

When it comes to nails, my main loyalty is to my protein nail treatment: Nailtiques Formula 2 and my beloved Seche Vite top coat. Oh, and I swear by my Nail Tek Crystal File, too! Crystal Files are a must for weak/brittle and peeling nails!!! Otherwise, everything is fair game! I adore trying out new nail polish shades from drugstore and high end brands alike!

Whew, that was a long answer to a short question, lol! :) It was a great chance to share some of my favorites with you! :)

Thanks so much for reading!

I have both purchased these items as well as gotten press samples. I would (and have) repurchased all items mentioned in this post. :)

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Chantel said...

I love to try new products!!

Unknown said...

@Chantel-Trying new products is so fun! :)

Glittery Fingers & Sparkling Toes said...

Wow!! This is such a fabulous post!! (makes the rest of us look bad, lol). And now I have a new list of things to try. P.S. I'm a huge sucker for limited edition too...especially in nail polish.

Unknown said...

@Dionne-Awwhh! You are so sweet! Thank you! :) I got really inspired when writing it last night. :) I need to go read everyone's and comment (will do tonight!). xo

Mopsy said...

Gives me ideas of products to try, excellent.

Having a product routine saves me time in the mornings & I don't scare the patients with an outlandish look.

Unknown said...

@Mopsy-Great! Glad you found some ideas. Agreed, an easy routine in the morning sure does save time and guarantee good results. :)

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