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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Launch of the Shop It To Me Threads and Giveaway!

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As a Shop It To Me "Trendsetter" Blogger, I get to bring you exciting news and announcements from Shop It To Me! Their latest? The Launch of the NEW Shop It To Me "Threads". Threads is a totally customizable way to shop! It allows you to follow sales of your favorite brands, trends, and and stores in your exact clothing size. 

Once you set up your favorites, it is really easy to track sales! You just browse your "threads" to see what is new. The "threads" in bold are the ones that have new items. Easy peasy!

If you have your eye on particular items, you can mark those with a star to view again later. 

Also, I love that you can set your price limit. Therefore, you only view the items that are actually in your price range!

"Shop It To Me" Threads Giveaway!
To Celebrate the launch of Threads, Shop It To Me is offering a Giveaway! Here are the details for how you can enter to win:

Edited: If the link above is not working, please try this link instead! :) 

Wow! What a fabulous giveaway!!! Good Luck if you decide to enter to win! Either way, Shop It To Me is a fun and useful site! I love their new "Threads" set up! 

Thanks for reading!

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