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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Neova's Cu3 Intensive Lip Repair Treatment with Copper Peptide Compex

Press Sample
This product, sent to me for review from Neova, is like a treatment serum for your lips! Neova's Cu3 Intensive Lip Repair treatment goes way beyond traditional lip moisturizers! You are getting an anti-aging formula that helps to repair the lips while providing excellent hydration!

I really struggle with dry lips. To dive into a personal matter, I have Sjogren's Syndrome (or more specifically Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease). This autoimmune condition causes extreme dryness of the mouth, lips, and eyes. I am always thirsty and my lips are always painfully dry (unless I battle it with amazing lip moisturizers!). Dry eyes are not really a problem for me but dry lips sure are! Often they feel so dry that I get a hot/buring sensation. Not fun at all! So, needless to say, I am always looking for lip moisturizers that are *extremely* moisturizing, healing, and nourishing. I almost always have a lip balm or lip moisturizer within arms reach as my lips are just not comfortable without something on them. 

To find out more details about Neova's Cu3 Intensive Lip Treatment, keeping reading after the page break.

Neova's Cu3 Intensive Lip Repair Treamtent with Copper Peptide Complex:
An amazing lip moisturizing treatment plus anti-aging ingredients? Swoon!!! This product "had me at hello"!

This product moisturizes, protects, and smooths your lips in a number of ways. First of all, you get instant relief and moisturization when you apply. Plus, you get repair from irritation (from wind, dehydration, or extreme temperatures). In addition, you get amazing anti-aging benefits! This treatment plumps up your lips and smooths out lip lines. Last, but not least, this product protects your lips from futher irritation. Oh! Plus, I must mention that I love that the product has absolutely no scent or flavor.

"How it Works" and "How I Use":
This lip treatment both absorbs into your lips as well as leaves a light and protective balmy layer on top of your lips. My lips are left feeling very soft and smooth when I wear this. I apply this before lip color and throughout the day. Also, I always apply right before bed too. I keep it on my nightstand while I sleep. With my Sjogren's/Autoimmune related dry lip symptoms, I often wake up in the night with dry and painful lips. So, I love being able to reach for this product to instantly smooth my lips so that they are comforted and I can fall right back asleep.

Key Ingredients:
  • Copper Peptide Complex: This is also called "Bis (Tripeptide-1) Copper Acetate". Basically, it is a special ingredient delivery system that uses the body's natural protective carrier to deliver the copper peptides. I am quite a fan of peptides in skincare. For some reason, my skin has always responded well to copper peptides. So, I am always happy to see them as an ingredient. 
  • Petrolatum: This leaves a protective layer on the surface of the skin: prevents moisture loss. 
  • Mineral Oil: The occlusive nature of mineral oil prevents future moisture loss and helps repair skin's barrier function. 
  • Glycerin: Glycerin is a skin humectant. It attracts moisture to the skin.
The Skinny
Neova's Cu3 Intensive Lip Repair retails for $22 for a .29 fl oz tube.

Do you struggle with dry lips, too? What do you use? I love hearing any tips, tricks, or product recommendations


Chantel said...

Great review, this product sounds amazing. I suffer from dry lips during the fall and winter months.

Pammy BlogsBeauty said...

@Chantel-You should try this stuff! I use it every single night now and it is continuing to help my lips. :)

Janet said...

Thanks for the product recommendation! I, too, have Sjogrens, so I am always on the hunt for a good lip moisturizer! Thanks!

Pammy BlogsBeauty said...

@Janet-I hope that you like this lip moisturizer, too! :)

Pammy BlogsBeauty said...

@Janet-I hope that you like this lip moisturizer, too! :)

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