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Monday, March 25, 2013

Shop MAKE Cosmetics to Empower Women through the "We See Beauty" Foundation

In the vast world of beauty with the focus on superficial or surface beauty, it is so refreshing to discover a brand that stems from something deeper. A brand with a purpose greater than sales and profits. Enter the MAKE brand which recently launched on the We See Beauty Foundation site.

MAKE Cosmetics is the first for-benefit cosmetics brand. MAKE wants to change and challenge the way we view beauty and cosmetics: a change in the "beauty paradigm". MAKE wants to encourage self-expression through beauty by bringing color into your world. For those of you who know the inspiration for my blog, this aligns extremely well with my own view of beauty. I believe that beauty is an outer expression of your inner beauty. Beautiful color that enhances beauty makes you feel better about yourself and can encourage you to let you inner self shine through!

MAKE's Background:
MAKE comes to us from the cosmetics manufacturer behind the famous NARS brand: MANA Products. For those of you who love NARS (like I do), you know that this speaks to the quality of MAKE's products! The MAKE brand offers a full range of color cosmetics (a core collection of over 220 products offered, and counting!). The best part? MAKE cosmetics are totally "true to form" colors: what you see in the pan is exactly the color that you get on your face!

I was able to test out a variety of items from MAKE's new collection that is featured on the We See Beauty Foundation's site. To find out how I liked these products as well as learn more about Make Cosmetics and the vision behind the We See Beauty Foundation, please keep reading!

The Concept behind the We See Beauty Foundation:

The We See Beauty Foundation is a non-profit e-commerce site that benefits women. The foundation donates 33.3% of the profits from the site to the non-profit works of the foundation. They just opened a women-led co-op in Brooklyn, NY where they natural home products.  At the cooperative, women can earn a decent wage while also learning how to create a better community. The shop on the We See Beauty Foundation's e-commerce site only offers brands that are committed to empowering women and social benefit. The shop at We See Beauty features socially-mined products across the following categories: beauty, design, printed matter, film, and well-being.

For those of you who like visuals, here is an interesting infographic from the We See Beauty Foundation:

The Shop at We See Beauty:
You are just going to have to head over to this gorgeous shopping site! You have to see it to believe it! I totally love the visual display of the website. The swatches are arranged almost like an art gallery. It is certainly a fun and inventive way to shop for cosmetics. I mean, what do we all want to see??? Swatches!!!

For example, here is the swatch that pops up for the lipstick that I tested out:
What a beautiful way to celebrate this amazing color! Plus, a fun way to shop!!!
There is no question, this makeup line's focus is on it's amazing hues and strong pigment! 

image source: We See Beauty

MAKE's Collections:
MAKE's first collections Alchemy and New Medieval are collaborations between makeup artist Ayami Nishimura and London designer Faye Toogood. Toogood and Nishimura drew their inspirations from the beauty of natural landscapes and their elemental forces. 

The New Medieval and Alchemy Collections from MAKE:
Matte Lipstick in Solar Flare ($18):
They aren't kidding about this lipstick being long-wearing! Wow! This lipstick is incredibly pigmented. I tried the shade Solar Flare which is a very flattering orangish-red. This lipstick lasted well through lunch and mid-afternoon for me. The only downside is the shape of the lipstick bullet. The head of the bullet is flat. So, I found it easier to apply with a lip brush.

image source: We See Beauty

Satin Finish Eyeshadow in Sea Glass ($18):
I tried the shade Sea Glass which is a lovely mint green. If you are looking to jump on the pastel mint green trend for this Spring, this beautiful shadow is the way to go!!! The satin finish is very subtle. It is just a hint of a sheen. The shadow is super creamy and pigmented. I love using just a touch of this shadow on the lid or as a liner to bring out my light blue eyes. Absolutely gorgeous for Spring and Summer!!! I love the packaging too! It comes as a shadow single in a small square compact pan. 
image source: We See Beauty

Cream Luminous Lip Gloss in Date ($18):
These glosses pack high shine while giving transparent coverage with an amazing mint scent! I tried out the shade Date which is a brownish-milky nude. The gloss is nicely hydrating while not being overly sticky. The tube is a elegant acrylic clear tube with a black lid and flat wand style applicator.

image source: We See Beauty
Soft Focus Powder Foundation ($28.50):
MAKE's Powder foundation comes in 16 warm and cool shades. The compact itself is gorgeous. It is a simple square compact with white MAKE lettering, an inside lid mirror, and a compartment underneath with a sponge applicator. I was sent shade #5 Cool. While this shade was much too dark for me to wear as an all-over foundation, it was perfect to use as a contouring powder! I have always heard that you could use a darker powder foundation for contouring and this is my first time trying it. Well, I am hooked! This #5 shade is just dark enough to provide definition for contouring my cheeks and nose. In addition, the powder gives great coverage! I am still dying to try this foundation in my correct shade (which is probably cool #1).

Overall, I am really impressed with MAKE's products! Not only are the products of phenomenal quality, but also there is satisfaction in knowing that these products are socially conscious with profits targeted at women's empowerment. The product's pigmentation and performance are just fantastic. Plus, I love the clean and simple look of the packaging's aesthetic. Be sure to check out the We See Beauty Foundation's shop and the MAKE products in particular!

I really have fallen in love with MAKE's cosmetics! I can't wait to explore this brand further!!! :)

As always, thanks for reading! xoxo


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