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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Totally Teen: True Girl Products (First Impressions Review)

Pammy Blogs Beauty now has a teen-reviewer! While I am a kid-at-heart, I have different skincare needs than a teen. There are so many amazing product lines that are specifically designed for the unique needs of teenage skin! So, I have enlisted the help of a fellow beauty and skincare product beautiful niece, Mollee. She is my teen-reviewer! Not only is she my little doppelganger, but also she shares my very fair complexion and sensitive skin.
Are you looking for a Natural Skincare line developed for the needs of teenage skin? Then you might just want to scope out True Girl Skincare! This new product range features a Cleansing Wash, a Toner Splash, Wipe Outs Wipes, an Exfoliator, a Bright Eyes eye cream, a Zit Zapper treatment product, a Moisturizer, and a Mask.

The True Girl line was developed by a Mom of teenagers. She could empathize with the struggles that her kids were having with their skin. She wanted to create effective and natural products for the unique needs of teenage skin. So, the True Girl line was born!

For Mollee's thoughts on these products, please keep reading!

Mollee's Review:
             In your daily skincare routine, you should have a line of products that you know work for your skin.  This means that it is difficult to find a good line of products you trust.
“True girl” is a skin care company that tries to create products without harsh chemicals in order to be gentle on your skin.  This is important to be because I have very sensitive skin. The line of true girl products packages each product in its own brightly colored bottle. The color of the bottle or tube indicates the products fruity scent.
The “Squeaky Clean Tangerine Dream Cleansing Wash” was very gentle as to not irritate skin, a little too gentle leaving my face feeling not completely clean. The “Brightening Melon Crush Exfoliator” was my favorite item from the collection; it had a light pretty fruity smell, and was a good balance between being being effective while also being gentle. The “Fresh Glow Tropical Punch Moisturizer” was fine, just another okay lotion in my collection. The “Radiant Green Mango Mask” was orange (???), it hardens quickly and comes off easily. I liked it. The “Zingy Passion Fruit Toner Splash” was incredible; it instantly reduced redness on skin. The fragrance free “Bright Eyes” didn’t really do anything for me, neither did the “Zit Zapper". 
I liked how this collection was not highly chemical, and how the products were nice to my skin. Although, I must mention that many of the scents smelled vaguely like cleaning products. This is a good skincare system for sensitive skin and is definitely something I would recommend for your daily skincare routine!
The Products: The Skinny!
  • Squeaky Clean Tangerine Dream Cleansing Wash: This face wash has an anti-bacterial formula to gently cleanse while reducing irritation and working to improve moisture retention. It contains fruit extracts, antioxidants, and aloe vera. Retails for $18.99
  • Zingy Passion Fruit Toner Splash: This toner works to soothe skin while restoring pH. It contains an antioxidant complex and and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Retails for $17.99
  • Cleansing Pampering Pear Wipe Outs: These are such a cute idea! Little individually packaged towelettes for on-the-go skincare needs! Just toss these in your purse for a quick cleanse post-Gym!
  • Brightening Melon Crush Exfoliator: This is a mild exfoliating Scrub. Retails for $16.00
  • Revitalizing Fragrance-Free Bright Eyes Eye Cream: This eye cream targets under eye dark circles and puffiness. It contains antioxidants and works to soothe and moisturize the delicate eye area. Retails for $15.99
  • Pineapple Extract Zit Zapper: This natural formula treatment product targets those pesky breakouts! Retails for $15.99
  • Fresh Glow Tropical Punch Moisturizer: This oil-free moisturizer works to keep skin hydrated and nourished. It contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Retails for $19.99.
  • Green Mango Mask: This Kaolin clay based mask contains pineapple extracts and papaya enzymes to dissolve skin clogging debris. Retails for $16.99.
What a fun product line! There certainly is a "fruit theme"! :) My niece really liked the True Girl products. She mentioned that many of these products she will continue to use. I must say, I am intrigued too! While I do not have teenage skin. I do get the occasional hormonal breakout. While this line is designed for teenage skin, the products could certainly be an option for anyone, despite age! Women of any age need the occasional zit zapped or a pore-unclogging facial mask.

Thanks so much for reading! Keep your eye out for more "Totally Teen" reviews by Mollee in the future! :) Mollee is working hard on some product testing for more skincare and makeup reviews!


    and Mollee
    Mollee got a sample.


JamieJ said...

I really enjoyed the True Girl product review. It is nice to see there are colorful and fun products out there for those of us with sensitive skin. A special thank you to your guest reviewer Mollee. Xoxo

Unknown said...

@JamieJ-Thanks girl!!! I agree, Mollee did an excellent job with this review! :) This skincare line really sounds fun! Wish True Girl had been around when I was a teen! :)

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