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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Holiday Shopping 2012: Cute $5 Gift Set from Bodycology!

I am kicking off my Holiday 2012 Gift Guide series with this review for Bodycology's adorable NEW Frosted Sugar Plum stocking stuffer gift set!

When I shop for Christmas presents, I always try to pick out items that I, myself, would love to get. This little Frosted Sugar Plum gift set is right up my alley with cozy socks, a body cream, and a a fragrance mist. Plus, it is all wrapped up with a cute ribbon and a tag! No need to even wrap it. Perfect!!! Not to mention that it is so cute!!!
Great Price!
It seems as if I am always holiday shopping for cute little gifts in the "Under $10.00" category: Co-workers, babysitters, friends, etc. I find that I usually need at least 10-15 gifts in this price point. I like getting either the same or very similar items for everyone that I am shopping for at this price point. So, the gift really needs to carry appeal for a wide variety of people! This gift set certainly meets my criteria! What is even better? This item is only $5.00. Total! Isn't that great? It looks like a much more expensive gift!

Are you familiar with Bodycology? 
I find Bodycology products to be strikingly similar to Bath and Body Works products. So, if you are a huge fan of Bath and Body Works like I am, then you will likely love this affordable line! Previously, I reviewed some Bodycology products here: Scrub-a-dub-dub! What's in my tub? New products from Bodycology!
Frosted Sugar Plum:
Frosted Sugar Plum is a super sweet and fruity scent. It contains scents of dark plum, sugared blackberry, and sweet cream. In a sea of more typical "Christmas-type" scents like pine, spice, and mint, this scent really stands out! When you first spray it, the scent reminds me of a bit of air freshener or a spray cleaner. Well, don't let that sway you! After the scent dries down, the sweetness in it warms it up and it is very wearable. I really like this scent! If you like youthful, warm, sweet, and fruity scents, then you will like this!

In the Set:
  • One pair of super fuzzy warm socks. The socks are white with purple polka dots. These types of fuzzy socks are exactly what I like to wear to bed when its cold. Love them!!!
  • A 2 oz Frosted Sugar Plum Fragrance Mist
  • A 1 oz Frosted Sugar Plum Nourishing Body Cream
You can find these cute gift sets anywhere that Bodycology is sold including Walmart, Target, Walgreen's, and Ulta!

Have any of you started Holiday Shopping yet? What do you have your eye on this year for your "Under $10"-type gifts?


CosmeticCrazy said...

Great Stocking Stuffer find. Pardon the pun.

Unknown said...

@Cosmetic Crazy-Thanks! Isn't it cute! :)

Iris said...

I haven't started my holiday shopping yet. Thanks for the reminder! I'm going to try to get it early before the shopping centres get crazy.

I've sniffed the Bodycology products at my local shops and really like them. They're a great value.

Unknown said...

@Iris-I am going to Holiday shop early too this year! :) The time always goes by so fast.

Kath TheFabZilla said...

Great idea. I'll keep this set in mind. I'm going to Target,hopefully I can find it here in HI.

Unknown said...

@Kath-Hope you can find it! :)

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