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Friday, October 12, 2012

Neutrogena's Shine Control: Keepin' the Shine Away!

Have you seen Neutrogena's Shine Control line at the drugstores? It is a new line designed specifically to eliminate shine and keep your skin looking matte all day.

While this line is likely geared more towards those with oily skin, I am intrigued as matte is the finish I strive for during the warmer months. My skin is actually combo/normal skin. When it is warmer out in Spring and Summer), my skin leans more towards normal-oil (especially in the t-zone). So, I figured I would give this line a try to see if it could keep the oilies at bay! Plus, ya'll know me, I love trying out new foundations! I am on a bit of a quest to find foundations shades that actually match my extremely fair skin.

While it is finally Fall and the weather has started to turn cooler, I have primarily tested this product during late summer warm days. So, while not tested in the brutal heat of Summer, it has been tested during pretty warm weather. 

Neutrogena's Shine Control Line features 3 products: the Shine Control Primer, the Shine Control Makeup, and the Shine Control Powder. To find out how I liked these, please keep reading!

Neutrogena's Shine Control Primer:
This primer is unlike any other primer that I have tried before! When I think of primers I think of either a nice rich lotion-like product or a silicone-based slippery gel-like product. This Neutrogena Shine Control primer is neither of those! It is like a somewhat gritty milky lotion. Apparently it contains rice powder to soak up excess oil and keep you looking matte.

I need to work very quickly when I use this primer. It dries super fast. I just apply a little bit (about a dot size) at a time and blend out quickly. I have found that this product works best on me when I apply in my t-zone only (my only oily area). If I apply to my whole face, it makes my skin feel too dried out. So, I focus this product around my nose, on my chin, and through the center of my forehead.

The pores around my nose are very large. This product seems to fill in those pores and make the area look much smoother. This product really bonds with your skin and doesn't budge. When you apply foundation over top of this primer, the products really bond together to create very long wearing combo. This product worked to reduce shine and prevent any oily breakthrough. However, I do think this product might work best for those with truly oily skin as my skin feels slightly dried out when I wear this. Since my skin is combo and seems to change seasonally, I am going to be glad to have this product on hand for very hot summer days when I need a bit more oil control than usual

Also, I must mention that I did experience a very minor breakout around my nose during product testing. I stopped using the product for a few weeks and the breakout cleared. Then I started testing again and have had no further breakouts. So, I do not believe the breakout was necessarily caused by the product (but still wanted to mention it because who knows sometimes!). I am still experiencing post-baby hormone shifts. So, the breakout was likely hormonal.

Product retails for about $13.99 for a 1 oz tube.

Neutrogena's Shine Control Makeup in Classic Ivory:
This is a liquid foundation with a titanium dioxide bases sunscreen (SPF 20). Like the Shine Control primer, this foundation also contains the "rice protein complex" to help combat oil and keep your skin looking matte.

As some of you know from my Foundation Fairy series, I am extremely fair skinned. I have such a hard time finding foundations that come close to matching my super fair skin. So, many times the biggest battle for me with foundations is simply finding a shade match. Well, I am thrilled to say that Neutrogena's Classic Ivory #10 is a very close match for my fair skin! So, if you are extremely fair, this shade might work for you! For reference, I am a NC 15 in MAC's Studio Fix powder.
Shade match aside, how did this foundation work?
I find the coverage to be very good. I would say it is about a medium coverage that is buildable. It completely hides any redness or imperfection to the point that I do not need any additional concealer with the exception of my dark under eye circles. Usually, I need concealer around my nose area and chin with other foundations. So, this coverage is much more full than I am used to! I really like the fact that I do not need to whip out any additional concealer for redness. The coverage and feel somewhat remind me of Revlon's ColorStay Foundation. Now, it has been years since I have worn that, but this product seems to apply and wear in a similar way on my skin.

The product itself is quite thick. Also, it seems to dry quickly so, like with the primer, you need to apply and work quickly. Only apply one dot at a time and blend it out fast. I find that I really do need to wear a primer with this foundation otherwise it settles into my pores. Once this foundation is applied on my skin, it literally doesn't budge or fade all day. My skin stays very matte and it does seem to keep oil at bay in the t-zone area. With that said, it does seem to "dry out" my skin in other areas. So, this foundation might really be best suited for those with true oily skin. If you are looking for good oil control in a foundation, you might just find it with this product. While I likely will not wear this foundation as much as we get further into Fall and my skin is less oily, I will be very glad to have this foundation on hand for very hot Summer days when my skin gets more oily than usual (or when I get pregnant again and my skin turns completely oily!).

The Packaging:
The foundation is packaged in a simple glass bottle. I like glass foundation bottles. I just wish this one had a pump!

This foundation retails for about $13.99 for a 1 oz bottle.
Neutrogena's Shine Control Powder: 
This is a lightweight pressed powder containing the same "rice protein technology" as the primer and the foundation. I tried out the shade "Invisible 10" which worked very well for my coloring. This powder was, by far, my favorite of all three Shine Control products!

The powder itself feels pretty soft. Honestly, I was expecting a bit more "grit" because of the rice protein. I apply this with a big powder brush and focus on the t-zone area only. It instantly mattifies my skin and leaves me looking poreless and flawless. I love it! I have layered this over both the Shine Control liquid makeup and other foundations in my collection with much success. It really does keep my t-zone looking matte and oil-free for hours.
The Packaging:
I really love the packaging of this powder! Unlike many drugstore powders, this packaging is not flimsy! It is very sturdy and of great quality. Pressed powders are just makeup items that must travel well!  I always keep a pressed powder in my purse and want to be able to pull out a nice compact like this for touch ups. I really like the look of this simple and smooth matte black compact. There is a nice mirror inside too. 

This powder is a winner for me! This is a powder that I can reach for year-round when wanting to touch up or mattify my face! :)

The Shine Control Powder retails for $12.00.

Here I am with my Shine Control in Classic Ivory on. 
Lookin a bit like a tired Mommy! 
Hey, could have edited those dark circles; but, I figured that I would just keep it real ya'll!
Either way, you can see that the shade is a very good match for my skin tone!

While I do not have straight-up oily skin, I did find that these Shine Control products from Neutrogena can work for me. The primer and foundation will be reserved only for the very warmest days of Summer (or when I am traveling somewhere hot or pregnant, lol!) when I need extra oil control and long wear. The powder will be a year-round staple for me! I think that this whole line is certainly worth checking out if you have oily skin!

Thanks for reading!

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