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Friday, October 5, 2012

Holiday 2012 Preview: Anastasia's "Kisses on My List" Lip Gloss Set

My Anastasia Beverly Hills Holiday 2012 Preview continues with this review of the "Kisses on My List" Lip Gloss set!

I know it seems early to be talking about the Holidays but they are just around the corner! This time of year seems to always fly by!!!

Anastasia Beverly Hills is lining up some really beautiful special value kits for the Holidays this year! If you missed my previous review, be sure to check out my review here for Anastasia's "Want You to Want Me" eye kit. The "Want You to Want Me" kit has quickly become a new favorite of mine!
I am a huge fan of Anastasia's HydraFull Lipglosses! So, as you can imagine, I am very excited about this kit! To hear more about this gorgeous set of glosses, please keep reading!

"Kisses on my List" (part 2) Holiday 2012:
This kit contains six long wearing, mega-shiny HydraFull lipglosses. The finish of the glosses includes both sparkle/shimmer and non-sparkle.

NEW Hypercolor Glosses!
Three of the glosses are somewhat soft and sheer with an opalescent look. The other three are Anastasia's new Hypercolor Glosses! Hypercolor Glosses actually stain your lips like a lipstain! Soooo cool! They actually react with your skin chemistry to create your own ideal custom color. Also, like all of the HydraFull glosses, they give major shine! Honestly, I have never gotten such truly brilliant color from a gloss before. These lipglosses really are unique and special. The colors look soft because of the gloss; yet, they are so vivid! I am already a huge fan of these Hypercolor Glosses.
Like the Volume 1 set that debuted in 2011, the limited edition Kisses on My List Volume 2 gloss set is sure to sell out again this holiday season!   The featured six high-shine glosses in matte and shimmer shades sport some of the 70’s most tantalizing rock muse names: Sharona, Roxanne, Jolene, Lola, Maggie May, and Moi

I am going to go ahead and fully admit to having "Roxanne" and "My Sharona" in my head the *entire* time while writing this review! :)

Features of HydraFull Glosses:
Besides offering rich color and high shine, the HydraFull gloss formula actually improves the look and feel of your lips. Anastasia's "clinical results" show that people evaluated their lips as having improved texture and hydration (both immediately and in 4 weeks). My lips do seem fuller when I wear these glosses. 
The Packaging:
The set comes in a box containing all 6 glosses. The glosses themselves are packaged beautifully with their acrylic tube and silver accents. Very classy! The gloss wand itself is unique. It features a "paddle"-type applicator. Have you seen these? It is almost like a little spatula that you use to spread on the gloss. I find that I like to spread the gloss on with the spatula and then dab it out with my fingers. 

These glosses are so super thick and a little bit sticky. I am on the fence about my feelings on gloss texture. While I love gloss to be non-sticky, if it is totally non-sticky then it slides right off your lips and doesn't wear as long. So, it is a catch 22. So, yes, these lean the sticky-side. So, my next point these really are incredibly long wearing! Plus, the "stain" aspect of the Hypercolor glosses makes the color last longer too. Also, I find these to be super moisturizing. They just feel so comfortable on the lips! Can you tell what a huge fan I am of these? lol!

My favorite part about this kit is the beautiful shade range! These soft and pretty colors are just "so Pam!" These shades are no question the colors that I prefer to wear: soft pinks, peach/coral, and nudes. These glosses are literally all that I reach for lately. They are sooooo beautiful! I will admit, I am having a bit of a swoon-fest with these glossses.
The Shades:
  • Sharona: Shimmery Peach
  • Roxanne: Shimmery Gold (Hypercolor)
  • Jolene: Vivid Rose Pink with some Shimmer (Hypercolor)
  • Lola: Cool Pink (Hypercolor)
  • Maggie May: Creamy Sheer Nude
  • Moi: Creamy Sheer Pink
Here are some lip-of the day (LOTD) photos of the glosses on my lips! 


Just in case you missed it in my last post, here is a fun video from Anastasia's photo shoot for the Holiday 2012 Makeup Collections:

The Skinny:
  • Available at Sephora,, and 
  • The "Kisses on my List" set retails for $30.00 (and is a $108 value). What a major deal!
As far as makeup goes, most girls love lipgloss! That makes this set a great Christmas/Holiday present!!! So, if you are out Holiday gift shopping, this kit is totally worth scoping out (as is the "Want You to Want Me" Palette set).

Thanks so much for reading! What do you think? Has anything caught your eye for this Holiday season?

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