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Saturday, September 22, 2012

RoC's "You and Improved" Challenge Winners!

As a RoC Ambassador, I get to bring you all of the latest news from this great brand! 

You may remember their recent "You and Improved Challenge"? The lucky finalists were flown to New York City for a makeover and a photo shoot. They participated in a transformation that helped them look 10 years younger with the help of our RoC® Style Squad: leading dermatologist expert Dr. Erin Gilbert and fashion stylist Marcellas Reynolds. The journey began with their skin, and from there, they underwent an entirely new look – hair, makeup, skincare tips and wardrobe in one day – now reinvigorated and looking forward to making positive changes in all aspects of their lives. 

What an amazing experience for these ladies!!! These women have very specific and moving reasons for entering this challenge. Find out more about these ladies by reading the stories below! Also, their transformation/makeover videos are available to watch here: the RoC® Skincare YouTube page. I love a good makeover story! You all voted! So, here are the winners and their background stories:
MARINA's Story:
I am a current user of RoC products. Yes! I choose to follow the rainbow that is waiting on me if I am selected for the "RoC You and Improved Contest". I'm Brazilian, 56 years old, ready to make a life change and focus on using all of my modeling/TV Soap Opera experience to return to this market after spending 35 years focusing on my 4 kids and a marriage that is over. I'm going back to School and Fashion Retailing to apply it more efficiently in improving my excellent sales skills, building up a career in that field. What a life change! I need a RoC professional makeover to accomplish my goals, get back into the modeling market and re-invent myself. I need a NEW ME!!
TAMI's Story:
My life is about to start over! After a decade of being a stay-at-home-mom, I am newly single, heading to a new state and about to enter the job market as a cosmetologist for the very first time. I'm nervous, but excited! I've recently lost 25 pounds, so I'm on my way, but a fresh look and a brighter, more youthful face would definitely help my prospects in the job market. It would also give me the boost of confidence I need to start making the changes I want and need to make to create the life I've been dreaming of. There's been so little time to take care of me, and this would be a really nice way to treat myself AND move ahead with my goals.
Have you ever felt like this is a second chance? Well, I do and here is my story. I am a proud mother of an 8 year old boy that is active and loves life. This past year I found that I was at a crossroads with my life. I was driving home from spring break and had 4 calls from my doctor to come in for a second mammogram. I knew then that something was wrong. Yes, I had breast cancer. So, this past year I fought breast cancer and won. It has been a challenge but I have overcome and I praise the Lord that he has left me here for the second half of my life. I am now in my transformation part of my life. I have beat cancer, lost 25 pounds and I am now taking care of my body and spirit. I feel like I am in my 20's but I want to look better.

KRISTEN's Story: Video on RoC® Facebook You and Improved “Makeover Contest” tab

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