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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Check out BlogHer TV!

Have you ya'll had a chance to check out BlogHer TV yet? As a BlogHer network blogger, I am so excited about this *new* feature that I get to post for ya'll!  The videos are really fun and have a variety of beauty and fashion features.

Where to find BlogHer TV?
BlogHer TV videos are posted right on my blog in the top bar (left hand corner) and at the top of the middle sidebar on the right. Both units will open up (and get bigger) when you mouse-over them. See my graphic (above) with the arrows depicting where you should click! :)

In fitting with the theme of my blog, the videos featured on BlogHer TV will all be beauty and fashion related. I think the video content is really fun and totally worth watching! There are also some very short advertising segments that run as well at the beginning of the videos. You can also choose to watch other videos when the BlogTV unit is open. It is super easy...just click and watch!

Please support my blog and watch the BlogHer videos! :)

Thanks for watching BlogHer TV!!!

I can earn blog revenue based
on the ad content in the videos.

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