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Monday, March 26, 2012

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette: Best Palette EVER for cool-toned fair girls!

Dear Urban Decay,
Please don't EVER stop making the Naked 2 Palette! It is the best.palette.ever.
Thank you,

LOL! Seriously readers, this palette is da Bomb! Yes, sometimes I do get gushy over makeup products that I love...but, I really can't even praise this amazing palette enough!

I know that there has been so much buzz about the Naked and Naked 2 palettes in the beauty community.  I own and love the original Naked palette (and reviewed it here) and I have had the Naked 2 Palette since before Christmas. But, it arrived literally a few days before my baby arrived. So, I figured I would let some of the buzz die down a bit and test it for a long time before reviewing. I know there are plenty of other reviews out there. But, I love this new Naked 2 palette so much that I must review it too! Since I own both the Naked and Naked 2 palettes, I can offer a bit of comparison too.

When the Naked 2 palette came out, I thought "I love the original. Do I really need another Naked palette?". Well, upon finding out that the colors were mostly cool toned, I was sold! With my fair and neutral-cool toned skin, my only critique of the Naked Palette was that it was just a little bit "too warm" for me. So, a cool toned version of the original Naked palette? Um, yah, sold!

Another plus for the Naked 2 palette? The colors are somewhat lighter than the shadows in the original. I know some girls do smokey eyes daily. But, not me! I prefer a lighter shade on the lid and then some slight definition in the crease. While the original Naked palette is GREAT for neutral smokey eyes (which is primarily an evening look or me), this new Naked 2 palette's somewhat softer/lighter collection of shadows is just perfect for every day! Literally every shadow in the new Naked 2 Palette is flattering for my neutral-cool skin tone. Plus, the intensity of the colors is just right for my fair skin. I love that every single day I can grab this palette and create a "new" neutral look! I have created so many pretty combos with this palette. Honestly, it is just so darn fun to use this palette every morning. There is no question that this is my new Holy Grail go-to shadow collection. Does my original Naked Palette feel sad and neglected? Yes (insert sad face here). But, I still grab that one when I want to go for an evening smokey look. But, lets face it, with a newborn at home...those evenings out are rare. ;)

Palette Design:
The new Naked palette is slightly different than the original. For what its worth, I liked the original better. It opened a bit easier and was slightly slimmer. But, the Naked 2 design is good too. It has a a metal feel and I love the large mirror. They packed a 12 shadows into a very sleek design.

The shadows:
Rather than go through a blow-by-blow description as I usually do, since there are so many reviews of this palette out there, let's just talk about my general impressions and some of my favorite shades. Ah Urban Decay, how I love the texture of your buttery, so pigmented...application is just so effortless! I also love the variety of matte, shimmer, and sparkle in this palette. Also, as I mentioned, I love the "deepness" of the shades in this palette. There are really just a couple "dark" liner type shades. The palette as a whole leans much more towards light-medium shades (which are way more "me" than the dark shadows!).

My faves:
I won't go into individual descriptions of these shades since there are already so many reviews of this palette. So, I will just share my faves. These were hard to pick as I truly do love every single shade in this amazing palette. But, if I had to pick, these are the ones I reach for most often:
Foxy (for brow bone), Bootycall (inner corner and lids): possibly one of my favorite highlighters ever!, tease (crease): I *really* adore this one for every day, suspect (lid): gorgeous!!! I do my version of "smokey" with this shade, pistol (crease), verve (lid), YDK (lid): another great one for "smoke", busted (liner or crease).

The "extras": Dual-ended Brush and Lipgloss:
The palette includes a dual ended shadow brush and a tiny UD Lip Junkie in Naked. The lip gloss is a universally flattering natural pink shade with a minty flavor. Very nice! Honestly, I used to purchase UD glosses all the time. But, I kinda got out of the habit. This little mini gloss reminds me that I need to pick up some more!

The dual ended brush is just "okay". It could certainly be used in a pinch. Its not bad but I prefer my usual makeup brushes.

My biggest wish is that Urban Decay would start including the dual ended 24/7 liner in these palettes again!!! I absolutely adore the one that came with the first version of the original Naked palette. It is one of my favorite liners! I also liked the inclusion of the mini primer potions.

If you are on the fence about purchasing this palette, I am sure you can guess my recommendation. If you are cool-toned, get it! You won't regret it! I literally love this palette more and more each day. It is perfect for every day makeup and you can certainly get some great bold nighttime looks with it as well. I can't wait to travel with this! It would literally be the only eyeshadow that I need to bring! I am sure I will  repurchase this palette many times over. Urban Decay-Don't ever stop making this palette!!!

What do you lovelies think? Do you have both palettes? Which one do you prefer?


Claire said...

I love this, I found that I haven't really worn some of the shades in #1 as they're a bit too warm for me - #2 looks much more me! x

Niki said...

isnt the naked 2 palette amazing! i love the colors! verve and ydk is AMAZING!!!

Unknown said...

@Claire-me too...I tend to stick to the same few shades in #1 and with #2 I wear the whole palette (not at the same time, lol)

@Niki-Yes, it is amazing!!! LOVE it! :)

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