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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rachel Roy Day-to-Night Eyeshadow Palette

Designer Rachel Roy ventures into the world of makeup with the launch of her Day-to-Night Eyeshadow Palette! Another fun new makeup release to talk about!

I just love eyeshadow palettes and this new one from Rachel Roy is a great addition to my collection. I am "all about neutrals". But, I also like to play with color. That's the beauty of this palette. It has your neutral shades and color too!

Want to hear more and see some photos? Keep reading after the page break!

This pretty palette has everything you need for 2 complete looks: a warm neutrals daytime look and a cool-toned and bold blue-purple evening smoky look. Plus, you can mix up those shades for endless possibilities. Each look contains 5 coordinated shadows.

This palette is ideal not only for girls with neutral-warm skin tones but also for girls with blue eyes! I have blue eyes and fair skin with neutral-cool skin tone. I find that I can wear most of the shades in this palette well.

The Palette Itself:
The palette is lightweight cardboard with an artistic "paint" theme. The inside features a large mirror and the palette closes magnetically. I like that the palette does not feel bulky despite housing 10 full-sized shadows and 2 cute makeup brushes.

Speaking of the brushes, they are nice! While I don't typically use the brushes included in palettes, I will make an exception for these. There is one blending-type brush and one mini crease domed-type brush. They are soft and I do like to use them.

The Shadows:
The pigmentation of these shadows is just fantastic. The texture is soft and bendable. You just need a slight touch of your shadow brush to apply these nicely pigmented shadows. All of these shadows have a subtle and sparkly shimmer. Very nice quality.

The Skinny:

  • This gorgeous palette is available at Macy's for $32.00.
  • Contains 10 shadows (5 neutral "day" shadows and 5 bold "night" shadows).
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in the USA
  • Packaging contains recycled materials

The Shadows: Fire, Balance, Galaxy, Energy, Dark Magic

Balance (a slightly shimmery buttery vanilla champagne color) is just the ideal highlight shade!!! For me, this palette is worth it for this shade alone. I feel that any good palette must have a good highlight shade and this one is just perfect. 

Dark Magic: Just like every palette should have a highlight shade, every palette should have a liner shade too! This rich sparkly chocolate brown is just gorgeous as a liner! 

Energy and Galaxy are both mid-toned peachy-gold-bronzy shades with Galaxy having more copper tones. While these shades are a bit too warm with my skin tone on their own, they are lovely when paired with Balance and Dark Magic. The coppery shades really make my blue eyes pop! Remember the good old color wheel? Color Theory tells us that colors opposite the color wheel will enhance each other. This is certainly true! (not convinced, check out my previous color theory post!). Fire was really to warm for me, but would look great on your warm-toned gals! 

The Shadows: Infinite, Twilight, Empyrean, Evil Eye, Celestial

Go for a fun evening look with bold colors and colorful smokes! The best way to update a smoky eye is with color! You have lots of options here: navy, blackened green, purple, even a teal! 

Infinite: Rich and deep navy. Gorgeous! Great for smokey eyes or as liner. Want to make the whites of your eyes look whiter? Wear navy as liner. Works great!

Evil Eye: Black/Green with shimmer. 

Twilight: Okay, as a twi-hard, I do love the name. But, lol, all joking aside, this shade is so pretty! It wears almost white. I love wearing this on the lid. 

Empyrean: Vivid teal. I like pairing this with the neutrals in the "Day" side of the kit. 

Celestial: Probably my favorite shadow in the "Night" collection. I love a good deep purple for a smoky eye or to define the outer corner. 

Get the Look:
Can't decide on a look to create? Just check out the tutorials! Don't you love technology! This palette has QR codes on the back (you know, those funky new "bar code" thingies). Just scan the QR codes with your smart phone for the tutorials featuring this palette! So cool!

As always, thanks so much for reading!

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