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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday 2011: Wet n' Wild Baked Palettes "Bake Off Contest"

Hello readers!

My Holiday 2011 review series continues with more offerings from Wet n' Wild. The holiday season is such a great time for makeup shopping! There are some truly great makeup deals to be found. Including these great palettes from Wet n' Wild!!! 

 As far as I know "baked" style shadows are a totally new offering from Wet n' Wild. Since I am such a big fan of baked blushes (see my Milani Baked Blushes review!), I just had to try out these pretty baked shadow palettes. At only $4.99 a palette...why not?!?!

These palettes are a Walgreen's exclusive item. So, if you are curious to try these out, just check your local Walgreens!

Tip: Walgreen's frequently runs BOGO 50% off on Wet n' Wild. So, be sure to check for sales and coupons! The current Walgreen's in-store coupon book has a $1.00 off Wet n' Wild coupon that you can use too!

For swatches, more photos, and my review, keep reading after the page break! :)

Wet n' Wild's Baked Palettes:
These six-pan baked palettes are so pretty! There are three of them: "Baked Not Fried" (Blues Palette), "Bake Off Contest" (Neutrals Palette), and "Baking a Cake" (Pinks/Purples Palette).

Now, I must apologize in advance if I have switched the palette colors/names! I took these out of the boxes immediately before I realized that these palettes were not labeled on the back! Ack! I re-boxed them for photos later. After some online research, I think I got the names and colors sorted out, but please let me know in the comments if I have the palette names or colors switched! I did notice some discrepancies online.

"Word on the Street" for shadow application for baked shadows:
Apply "Wet" or "Damp" for best result!

It is hard to believe with my love of eye shadows that I am "new" to baked shadows!!!

Well, the "word on the street" is that baked shadows apply much better when "wet". After playing around with these shadows, I totally agree! These colors are lovely when applied dry. But, the colors are more soft/subtle when applied dry (like a wash of color).

To apply "wet" or "damp": Since I do not do my makeup in the bathroom (near a sink to wet my brush), I apply these "damp". I just very lightly mist my eyeshadow brush with spray water (Evian or Maya Water) and then dab brush into shadow pan. That is it! So super easy! I just keep misting as needed through out application. I find that my brush only feels "damp" (not wet). So, my application and swatches are somewhere between totally wet and totally dry. So, I am describing my application as "damp".

The Packaging:
These Baked Palettes are all packaged with a coordinating kohl liner. The texture of the liner is just fabulous!!! It goes on soft and blends well. But, it is also pretty long lasting! All the liners with these palettes have a slight glitter/sparkle to them. I am really loving all the liners that came with these palettes.

The palette itself is a black plastic tray with a lift-off clear plastic lid. I must admit, I am not a fan of the lift off lid. I can never seem to get the right angle and always struggle a bit to get it open. I wonder why they decided to package these like this?

The Shadows:
The shadows have a metallic and or glitter/sparkle finish. Some are a bit more sparkly than others. But, the overall effect is very metallic/shimmery on the eyes. Such a pretty finish!!! When applied damp, the shadows are very vibrant on the eyes. Just beautiful!!! (see swatches below!).

Some of the more marbled shades in the palette (the middle 2) are the ones that end up a "surprise" when you swatch them! Both are lovely. My fav colors in this palette are the top right (champagne), the middle left (gold/bronze), and the lower right (deep brown). I love these on the lid, crease, and as a liner. Honestly, I love this combo so much that I bought a back-up of this palette!!! I don't ever want to run out of that beautiful champagne color. LOL, I know, I know...I am a nut! With all the shadows that I own, this is easily the prettiest champagne shade.

So, as ya'll have probably surmised, I adore this palette! Yes, I even bought a back-up! :) These shadows are gorgeous when applied damp. Plus, I must mention that damp application is totally easy-peasy! Just mist some water onto your makeup brush and you are good to go!

I hope Wet n' Wild comes out with more baked eyeshadows in the future!

Thanks so much for reading! Did any of ya'll pick up this palette? If so, how do you apply? Wet/dry/damp?


Eugenia said...

oooo the browns are so pretty!!

yellas_closet said...

I literally just picked this palette up at lunch. =)

Great review!

Unknown said...

@Eugenia-Yes, they are arent they! I love brown shadow. :)

@SweetAsHoneyBlog-I hope you love your new palette!!! :)

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