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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bic's Simply Soleil Razors: Review

Hello beauties! Do you want smooth legs for summer?

With the warm summer weather our shorts and skirts just get shorter. Right? Well, mine do! ;) So, I need a close shave every morning to keep my legs smooth.

I am unfortunately "blessed" with quick growing leg stubble and a tendency towards ingrown hairs. Per my dermatologist's instructions, I am to shave my legs daily to avoid ingrown hairs. On top of that, I have sensitive skin. So, I need razors that are both gentle as well as effective. I also want to minimize my time spent shaving my legs. This can add quite a few minutes to the morning shower. So, I want my razors to work well and quickly.

For my review of the Bic Simply Soleil Shaver for Women, keep on reading below!

BIC Simply Soleil Women's Razor

The Skinny:
  • The Simply Soleil razors retail for approximately $4.99 for a 4-pack. What an affordable price for razors! 
  • The razors are disposable.
  • These are cute razors with pink flower cutout designs on the handle. A very girly look! The shape of the handle makes it easy and comfortable to grip with your wet hand while in the shower. 
  • The razors feature a triple blade and a moisturizing strip that features soothing vitamin E for extra comfort while shaving. 
The Results:
I am able to achieve a very close and comfortable shave with these razors! I had minimal nicking while using these razors. The blades are sharp and give a very close shave. While these are disposable, I was able to use this razor for weeks before disposing. I am very pleased with the results!

Thanks so much for reading! Stay beautiful!


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