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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Laura Mercier (review) by guest blogger/reader

Hello there my dears! Today I bring you a guest-post written by Sarah Beckman, one of my fabulous readers as well as a writer herself on Affordable Style. She is also busy planning her wedding. Congrats to Sarah! So, with that said, let's move on to her review! 

Let me start by saying that I’m a newbie to non-pharmacy makeup. My addiction to “the good stuff” started about a year ago, when I attended a makeup workshop.

At the workshop, the brand
Laura Mercier (LM) was raved about, and I left with samples of LM foundation primer and loose setting powder. I also left with the desire to drive to Sephora ASAP to snatch up LM silk creme foundation and the coveted secret camouflage concealer!

Those four LM products are now a part of my everyday makeup routine. I’d sound like a saleslady if I listed all the good things about these products, but what I will say is that this makeup will give that natural and flawless, dewy, airbrushed look. 

Even though the price is steep, these products go a long way. This makeup lasts forever and a day. If you’re more diligent than me about makeup expiration dates, you will probably have to replace your LM products before they’re gone. Case in point? I am still using the small trial samples I received at the workshop.

A little about my skin type. I have fair skin that is an oily/dry mix. I am nearing 24 years old, and my skin is in an awkward stage where I am starting to develop some fine lines, but I still break out sometimes. 

For tips, please keep reading after the jump!

Here’s how I use the products:

1. Apply primer. I use just a pea-sized amount and apply with my fingers. LM primer contains vitamin A,C, and E, and protects skin from UV rays. It keeps my foundation on all day, reduces creases and smears, and covers pores. It’s a little smelly, but what primer isn’t?

2. Apply foundation. Again, a pea sized amount will suffice. Some makeup junkies will cringe, but I apply this foundation with my fingers. I’m able to achieve total coverage, and I don’t lose any product through sponge absorption. LM foundation offers UV protection, covers blemishes, and gives gorgeous skin.

3. Apply Secret Camouflage concealer. This product is awesome. It covers under-eye circles and redness. It’s dry (not greasy!), as far as concealer is concerned, and it comes as with two shade pans. I mix the colors on the back of my hand to match my skin tone and to warm up the concealer so it applies creamy. I dab the product on my under-eye area and on red spots. My only complaint about this product is that the latch on the compact broke, so I have to clamp it shut.
Swatches of LM Secret Camouflage

4. Brush on loose setting powder. This sheer, lightweight powder has a small amount of light-reflecting properties, but it’s not shimmery or sparkly. Just a small amount will keep makeup in place, help avoid creasing, and stop shininess. I use the
Ecotools Powder Brush.

I invest in these Laura Mercier products, but I use pharmacy brands for the rest of my makeup routine. It’s my philosophy that natural and flawless skin can speak for itself!

I hope that you all enjoyed reading this review by Sarah! :) 


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Angie said...

Thanks for the great tips!I have never used Laura Mercier, but perhaps I will give it a try. The foundation primer sounds like a really good idea.

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