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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Total Beauty" welcomes "Pammy Blogs Beauty" to their Blogging Community

I am now officially a "Total Beauty" blogger!

I am very excited to announce that I am the newest member of the "Total Beauty" Blogging Community!

I am very excited to join the amazing group of bloggers already on-board at Total Beauty. Total Beauty expects the best out of its blogger members with their clear guidelines for high standards and ethical code of conduct for bloggers. As my blogging adventure continues, I continually strive to learn and grow. Being invited to be a member of Total Beauty Blogging Community is a huge milestone in my blogging journey. It is such an honor to be included in this wonderful community!

Total Beauty has long been one of my *favorite* beauty sites! What a great resource for all of us Beauty Fan-atics! :) You all must come on over and "visit" me at Total Beauty!!! This is yet another exciting and fun way for me to interact with my readers!

You can find my blog listed in the "Browse Blogs By Category" section (I am listed in a number of different categories):

You can also find me in the "Browse Blogs By Name" section:

More about Total Beauty: "Total Beauty: Expert Advice. Non-Biased Reviews"

So, are any of ya'll familiar with Total Beauty??? If not, then you must go check out this fabulous website! Total Beauty seriously has it all!!! Total Beauty is an online Beauty Community which strives to give its members the full-experience.

For more information about Total Beauty and to hear about Membership Perks (you all can join too!), please keep reading after the jump!

The "Total Beauty" experience.

Browsing the Total Beauty sites feels much like flipping through the pages of one of your favorite beauty/fashion magazines (one of my fav pastimes!). But, with Total Beauty, your experience is enhanced beyond just reading as you actually have the opportunity to connect with fellow beauty enthusiasts like yourself as well as beauty bloggers and beauty experts!

Total Beauty is *the place* to go for whats "new in beauty": unbiased beauty tips, product reviews, a HUGE product database (you can search for products by brand or category), giveaways, online discussion forums, blogs (where you will find Pammy Blogs Beauty!), how-to articles and videos, tips from experts, celebrity-inspired beauty tips, access to product samples, and more! You can even sign up for their newsletter and get updates emailed right to your inbox.

You can Personalize your Total Beauty Experience:

When you join, you can create a profile and personalize your experience at Total Beauty. As a member, you can connect with other members in the Total Beauty Community on one of their many message boards (e.g., "Ask a Total Beauty Expert", Giveaways, Skin, Makeup, Nails, etc). Also, there are various email subscriptions, so you can get Total Beauty tips emailed right to your inbox.

Perks with membership: The Points System:

Total Beauty rewards its members! Perks include entry into various sweepstakes, product samples, and recognition on the site's All-Star page. They have a badge and point system in place. The more active a member you are the more points/badges you earn. You can earn points for such activities as: taking quizzes, inviting friends to join, uploading photos, joining groups, and commenting.

So, ya'll head on over there and check it out!!! If you love it as much as I do, sign up to be a member! While you are there please show Pammy Blogs Beauty some love by adding me to your list of blogs on the Total Beauty site!!!

Total 2011 Awards (go vote now at Total Beauty!):

When you stop by at Total Beauty, be sure to cast your votes for your fav beauty products! The voting is open for the 2011 Total Beauty Awards! If you vote, you can be entered into a contest to win a Sweepstakes with $350 worth of products!!!

I am so excited that Total Beauty has chosen to add Pammy Blogs Beauty to their community of bloggers! So, ya'll share some love and go to Total Beauty to visit my Pammy Blogs Beauty Blog profile ! :)

You readers are the best! Thank you for sharing in my celebration of this amazing blog milestone!!! I wouldn't be here without the support of my wonderful readers!

As always, thanks for reading!

I have a contract with Total Beauty as one of their
Blog Community Member Bloggers. I participate 
in the Beauty Bubbles program. Please see my 
Disclaimer for more info.


Unknown said...

@Priscilla-Awwhh!!! Thanks girl!!! And, thank *you* as you have been one of my most loyal supporters!!! xoxo!!!!

Tracy D said...

Awesome Pammy, congratulations on another blogging milestone! I will definitely go check it out, I've come across Total Beauty posts when doing research but never knew much about how it worked. Oh & thanks for the email..I know, I'm such a spaz but I knew you'd understand what I meant ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks Tracy!!! :) LOL, I can relate as I am a spaz to, lol! ;) But, seriously, thanks for your nice comment!!! xoxo!!!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Congrats Pammy, thats awesome.

Unknown said...

Thanks Alicia!!! xoxo!!!

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