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Friday, March 25, 2011

iFabbo endorses Pammy Blogs Beauty!

Pammy Blogs Beauty is an iFabbo endorsed blog!!!

Hello my lovely readers! So, apparently it is the week for blog announcements!!! :) I am so excited to update ya'll with more blog-news! Pammy Blogs Beauty is now iFabbo endorsed!!! Please see my endorsement seal displayed on my blog sidebar! :) Yay!

iFabbo is an international organization for Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Bloggers. iFabbo sets high standards of professional conduct and ethics for bloggers and expects all members to adhere to the guidelines. So, it really is a total honor to be included as an iFabbo blogger member!

iFabbo serves to promote and educate bloggers as well as to act as a resource to connect bloggers and brands. Their focus is on blogger credibility and healthy professional relationships between bloggers and brands. They host workshops and blogger events. I can't wait to attend!

I am looking forward to the opportunities that iFabbo can provide! I am thrilled and honored to be part of the iFabbo community of bloggers!

I will continue to strive to make Pammy Blogs Beauty the best that it can be! I look forward to taking blogging to the "next level"! :) I work hard to write credible and honest reviews based on my personal experiences. So, I am very pleased that those efforts are being honored with an iFabbo endorsement. When you see the iFabbo endorsement seal on a blog, you know that you are getting trustworthy information! :)

I treasure every single one of you readers. So thank you for all of your support!!! I have been blogging "my little heart out" the past 6 1/2 months since my blogs inception and am so happy for each and every achievement! Thanks for sharing this blog milestone with me!

Love and hugs!


Carrie Willard said...

just wanted to let you know that you are doing a great job with your blog. you make we want to fill my drawers with lots of fun products. keep it coming! - carrie

Gaby Fauchon said...

Oh yey, you too! I have been recently endorsed by them too, I'm super happy, it's very exciting =D

Tracy D said...

Congrats to you again Pammy, it's always gratifying to have your hard work & efforts recognized. Happy for you!

Unknown said...

@Carrie-Thank you so much girl!!! :) You have been very supportive of me since the beginning!!! I miss our Thurs girls nights, so we will have to start those up again soon! xoxo!!!

@Priscillia-Thanks dear!!! Awwhhh, thanks for your cheers! Love ya too girl!!!

@Gaby-Thats aweseome!!! Congrats to you too!!! :) I am super excited for you! :) Maybee we will end up at an iFabbo event together someday!!! That would be so cool!!!!

@Tracy-Thanks so much Tracy!!!

xoxo to you all!!! :)

мσитѕєяgιяℓ ❥ said...

Wow Pammy that is GREAT!!! congrats girl!! =) =)

мσитѕєяgιяℓ ❥ said...

I don't know what just happen to my comment but i don't see just in case.. CONGRATS GIRL THATS AWESOME!!! your blog looks amazing and you deserve it =)

Unknown said...

@Tea-Just published both your comments! ;) Thanks so much girl! Hugs!!!

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