Pammy Blogs Beauty: Time to stop lurking (tee-hee)!!! Its De-lurking day!!! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Time to stop lurking (tee-hee)!!! Its De-lurking day!!! :)

Hello there my readers! Happy Weekend!!! :)

I just couldn't resist doing a Delurking Day post after reading that today is officially "Delurking Day" on my friend Christine's amazing blog: 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic (and the idea may have originated with Rookie Moms ???). Anyways, the idea is so cute...that I just had to post it as well!!! :) So, thanks ladies!!!

I have been blogging for *almost* 6 months now! I know that many of you are regular commenters...and I *love* that and love getting to know you all through your comments. But, I know that many of you just stop by to read, and that's totally cool too! I was a blog-luker for many many years! I actually didn't start commenting on blogs until I started blogging myself.

So, my dear lurkers! Here is a great opportunity for you to stop by to say "hey" and tell me a little about yourself! I would love to know where you are from, what sparked your interest in beauty topics, and any thoughts on what you would like to see more of on my blog! :) Or, just say "hi"!!! :) If you are a regular commenter, feel free to say "hi" too and tell me a little more about yourself!!!

Sending lots of love to all my readers!!!


Melissa the Dilettante said...

This is a great idea! We've briefly interacted before but not much haha.

I am Melissa, and I'm from eastern North Carolina. I can't even pinpoint what started my interest in beauty. I've always loved it, but the earliest thing that stands out to me is my mom had a Nars cream eyeshadow is this pretty pale gold color. It was the first cream eyeshadow I had ever seen! I was amazed and I actually "borrowed" it from her and used it all when she wasn't looking over that year. Even if that meant just putting it on and wiping it off! I was like 8 and wanted to wear makeup. Now, I realize why she was upset, since Nars is expensive.

I'd love to see some LOTDs or a post using images about what inspires you beauty wise!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pammy! :)

I love reading your posts but since I've only been around for a month and half, I haven't gotten enough time to comment on posts, because I was busy with exams! I've been reading your posts on my cellphone though, but couldn't really comment, and thus the "lurking"! The exams are over now, so I can finally comment to my heart's content! :D

I'm a student from Bangladesh, currently studying science but planning to study business in University.

I've been interested in beauty topics ever since I searched up "MAC Lipglass" online and found out makeup fanatics like myself actually write about it! I was surprised at first, but eventually got used to it and even started my own makeup blog! I was on makeupalley and epinions before, but eventually lost interest because they weren't really interactive. Blogging, however, is something I plan to stick to, because there are so many wonderful people writing and commenting! I hope to achieve some day what Christine at temptalia has achieved, and she's actually my blogging inspiration!

I found you through a giveaway link, and even though I initially followed you to enter your giveaway, once your wonderful posts started showing up on my dashboard, they immediately caught my attention! I find your blog and your posts very sweet and organised. And back when I had tweeted your giveaway, when I saw your "thank you" reply, I immediately knew you're someone I'd love to get to know better!

Hope Pammy never stops Blogging Beauty! ;)

GlamaDazzle (previously known as RiZZiE)
xoxo :)

Unknown said...

@Melissa-Hey Melissa!!! Thanks so much for your comment as I really enjoyed reading about *you*!!! What a cute story of you using your Mom's NARS cream shadow when you were young! I bet you still love NARS today! ;) Thanks for including what you would like to see on the blog!!! I actually am going to be doing a lot of lipgloss and lipstick reviews in the near future, so I will put my photography skills to the test and do some LOTD photos!!! Also, I *love* the idea about posting "beauty inspiration" photos as I am always inspired by pictures. I have so many makeup looks torn out of magazines...I will just need to find some pics online too!!! Thanks so much for stopping by! :) XOXO!!!!

Unknown said...

@GlamaDazzle-Hey there!!! So glad you stopped by to comment (and that you exams are over and you can spend some more time reading blogs!). :) Glad to hear that you found me through my giveaway...and then decided to stick around!!! :) Ah yes, so the MAC lipglass was your start! I, too, used to spend a ton of time at MakeupAlley and I still visit that site often! :) Yes, I agree that Christine over at Temptalia is amazing!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and telling me a little more about yourself! I love getting to know my readers as I love the interactive nature of blogging as well!!! XOXO!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I qualify as a lurker, but I am a recent addition to your blog followers!

I am from the Netherlands, but married a cutie from New Hampshire. Growing up with 5 brothers & a mom who was was too busy keeping things going despite her fragile health, I have no early make-up memories. I sort of taught it to myself, in pre-blog area. I think someone gave me a book called "What a girl should know" that gave some pointers on how to do your make-up. LOL

But my love of make-up is mostly love of colors & painting & theater, which are perhaps my real passions. I just like using my face as a blank canvas :-) and dream away...

I lost my interest in looks for a long, long time due to severe illness, and although I am still mostly home bound & on disability I start to enjoy playing with make-up & looks again.

And I discovered that I needed some more education. So there you are, this how I got to become bloglovin' It's a quest :-) and you are one of my teachers!

Unknown said...

@DalaLuz-Thanks so much for taking time to comment and introduce yourself! It sounds as if you are really inspired by the art of makeup. I am so sorry to hear that you have been severely ill and I send you some happiness and hugs and wishes for good health in the future. Thanks for remarking that I am one of your teachers. I am touched by that! XOXO!!!

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