Pammy Blogs Beauty: I won the amazing Beauty Crazed Giveaway: Opening the box (haul video)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I won the amazing Beauty Crazed Giveaway: Opening the box (haul video)

Hello there my lovely readers!!!

OMG, how exciting!!! A few weeks ago, I won the spectacular Beauty Crazed Holiday giveaway! Well, it just came in the mail, and, oh my, $500 worth of cosmetics...this is the most new makeup that I have ever had in my hands at one time!!! I was literally jumping with joy when this box arrived!

So, I am sending out a HUGE thank you to Lisamarie and Christelle over at Beauty Crazed. If you have not had a chance to check out their amazing blog, please go check them out!

Here is a listing of the fabulous prizes!!!
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  • a new lipstick from ChanelChanel Rouge Coco in 05 Mademoiselle!
  • YSL Rock & Baroque: Touche Eclat & Manicure Couture - duo vernis couleur - No 4 Duo-Y-Cone! 
  • shu uemura presented an Abracadabra Fantasy: lip duo tint & gloss in love apricot!
  • Lancome Juicy Tubes 100% Nautral Origin: Sheerfully Sweet & Blushing Beauty!
  • Benefit - Girl Meets Pearl
  • Pür Minerals: two wonderful sets - Earthly Treasures and Heavenly Delights
  • Lise Watier Feline Waterproof Mascara HD & Feline Eyeliner HD 
  • Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick: 44 Praline Distingue & an Effet 3D Lipgloss in 15 Rose Arctic!
  • OPI Swiss Collection Nail Lacquer in Color So Hot It Berns & From A To Z-urich!
  • Vasanti Tinted Lipbalm: Columbia
  • Mary Kay Metro Chic Collection: Vinyl Lip Shine in Attitude & Be Radiant Baked Powder in Dusk!
  • mark. on the dot Eye Color Compact & lip to be square Lip Tint in sheer rose!
  • Avon Anew Youth Awakening Eyeshadow & Primer Kit: shimmering dusk & spring green!
  • LuMESH Lipgloss: Magaly!
In honor of winning, I decided to dabble a bit in the video medium. So, I whipped out my iPhone and shot a video of the box-opening! Please bear with me as this is my first ever video! :) And, lol, I hope that I don't make you too dizzy watching it! Also, tech-wise, the only video capabilities that I have are my iPhone (which lacks a tripod) and my iMac. I think that, generally, writing is my best medium for expression (as I am a really shy person); but, it might be nice to have some videos to supplement my blogging from time-to-time or to do tutorials.

I am going to a link to my *brand new* YouTube channel, so if you enjoyed watching the video, please subscribe to my channel!

Here it is!
Pammy Blogs Beauty Channel

Hope you enjoyed watching! I had to edit out quite a few Makeup items out of the video as otherwise the video would have been way too long. But, I love everything! You will see MANY of these products reviewed very soon on this blog! I have a ton of swatching, testing, and playing to do with this lovely makeup!!! How fun!

Thanks for joining me today!!!


Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said...

Luck girl :)

Allison said...

Oh you lucky girl! Enjoy!

Jacenda LeeAnn said...

WOAH! Girl its like you hit the jackpot in the mail today!! hahahaha Congrats doll!! Have fun trying all your new goodies! XX

Hollie said...

Wow! Congratulations on your win!
You're one lucky lady!

I hope you enjoy trying out your goodies!

angel said...

Wao.. you are so lucky!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lucky you Pammy! Congrats and have fun! :D

Unknown said...

Thanks all my lovely ladies!!! Ya'll all check back in about 20 video is still uploading on YouTube, but will be ready soon!!!! :) XOXO!!!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I was so excited when I saw that someone I know won that giveaway. What an amazing prize to win! Have so much fun experimenting with all of your new products.

Bailey said...

That is awesome! *drools*
I won perfume from Beauty Crazed just before Christmas and was sooo excited (I NEVER win things so it was a big deal)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Love all your goodies. I was intrigued with that Mark lip tint, so cute!

sugarbumpkin said...

Congratulations, you lucky duck! ON both the prizes and for launching your new channel!

Unknown said...

dats awesummm..congratsss..

Tracy D said...

Pammy great job on the video, not shaky at all! Looking forward to seeing more from you for sure. Oh and congrats on the HUGE win, wow!

Anonymous said...

congrats!! :))

Anahita said...

Wow congrats!! You are one lucky girl!! :)

sugar sugar said...

Lucky girl! Congratulations! :)

Unknown said...

Congrats !! enjoyed watching the video!! :)

Alexandra said...

Amazingly lucky! Congrats and may other prizes like these come to your way! ^.^


Ai said...

Congrats!! The prize is amaaaazing!!!
Btw, I subbed to your channel♥


Unknown said...

Awhh!!!! Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all your sweet comments! :) Yes, winning this prize was such a big deal to me too as I have only ever won a few things in my life! I am going to have so much fun testing and reviewing!!! :) XOXO to you all!!!!

The Editor said...

i know it may sound weird, but i was excited to find out that th winner was someone i knew!

ps: Random fact: your voice sounds a lot like Christine's from Temptalia. Dunno why i said that but i just had to, haha!

Unknown said...

@Birminghamlady-Hey girl, thanks!!! It is really warms my heart when my blogger friends like you and Alicia and Shaylee mention how you were excited when I won because ya'll know me! HUGS to all of you!!!

And, thanks for telling me that I sound like Christine @ Temptalia!!! Thats aweseome as I found it strange t "listen" to my video while editing! :)


Lisamarie and Christelle said...

Thanks so much Pammy! The best part about giving gifts is usually being able to watch the person you are giving it to open it and love it - we don't usually get that opportunity with our contest winners - actually most of the time they forget to even tell us that they received it - so this was a total treat! I'm looking forward to hearing what you thought of everything!

Best, Lisamarie

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What an aboslutely awesome price :-)

Sharon said...

Whoa,awesome goodies babe,Congrats!!!!Enjoy ur goodies

Texas Type A Mom said...

OMG how exciting! What a fun/fab giveaway!

Shaylee Anne said...

Pammy!! I am so excited for you!! I couldn't imagine how it felt to open that box!! You got some amazing stuff in there!

I think you did a fantastic job on your first video! I always giggled when you were trying to open the packaging with one hand! haha That would be tricky!

Have fun playing with all your new things! I'm really looking forward to all your reviews! :) XOXO!

Gaby Fauchon said...

Wow, congrats! Amazing! I love Lancôme Juicy Tubes =D

Unknown said...

Thanks so much everyone!!! Love all your comments!!!

Lisamarie and Christelle!!! I am so glad you guys were able to view!!! Yes, I part about giving a gift is to watcht the opening, so glad ya'll got to experience that! XOXO and thanks again!!! You girls rock!!!

Shaylee! Thanks for your sweet comments on my video!!! :)

Priscilla-Thanks for subbing to my YouTube too!!!
XOXO to all!!!

Stevista said...

How exciting !!! Congrats girl and enjoy your new goodies! :) x

Unknown said...

Thanks Stavroula! I am still testing everything out! Lots of fun goodies!!! :)

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