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Monday, January 17, 2011

GlyDerm Gentle Cleanser: Review

Hello Dear readers!

This is my first review in my Skincare Routine ongoing blog series. Please see my intro to this series here. I felt that cleansers were a great place to start when talking about skincare!

This is the cleanser that my Dermatologist always recommends for me. I say "always" because I tried it once in the past, and wasn't crazy about it. Yet, my Dermatologist has been encouraging me during my past few visits to give it a try again. He expresses that a mild glycolic could really help any "congestion" in my skin and could help keep flaky areas at bay. I am quite glad that I decided to give it "another go"! But, I must admit, I do have a bit of a "love/hate" relationship going on with this cleanser. With my super sensitive skin, I have not always had good results with glycolics. But, used in moderation this cleanser works well for me. 

Keep reading after the jump for my review:

The scoop:
  • This cleanser contains an active ingredient: Glycolic Acid at a 0.2% concentration. 
  • This is a concentrated cleanser that is "pH adjusted". 
  • The cleanser itself is creamy in texture and milky in appearance. It rinses clean, which is refreshing as many creamy cleansers leave behind a residue. Not the case with this cleanser. Love that!!!
  • Retails around $20 which is really not a bad price for a "specialty" Dermatologist-type brand. 
  • No frills packaging. I mean, seriously, really plain and basic. I do like the cobalt blue bottle. It stands out amongst all my "white" bottles in the medicine cabinet. Also, I like the pump dispenser. One pump of product dispenses the exact amount that I need to wash my face. 
  • Cleanses well and removes all traces of makeup. (Side note, I always use a liquid eye makeup remover before I wash my face. Currently using Neutrogena's). 
  • I do not experience any irritation (itching nor burning) while using this product. This is a major feat for me as so many cleansers irritate my sensitive skin.
My experience: 

After the first few days of use, I was like WOW!!! My skin immediately became noticeably smoother and softer. I also feel that my treatment products were "sinking in" better after cleansing with this. However, over time, I found that I cannot use this cleanser longer than either 3 days in a row or 2-3x a week without my skin becoming too dry (and an increase in daytime flakiness). So, I rotate my use of this cleanser with my long-time HG product: the much more gentle Topix Resurfix Ultra Gentle Cleanser (the review for this cleanser will be coming up next in my "Skincare Routine" series). Keep in mind that we are in the depths of winter right now and I am testing this product when my skin is the driest. When warmer weather rolls around, I might be able to tolerate using this every night.

Overall, when I use this cleanser 2-3x per week, I really like the results! I am so glad that I gave this cleanser another chance! 

My fellow sensitive ladies: What cleansers are ya'll using?

Thanks for reading!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Pammy!

My skin is extremely sensitive, and I know aloe vera is great for sensitive skin, so I've been using The Body Shop Aloe Vera cleanser for about six months now. The results are just too great! Any other cleanser would cause atleast some reaction, but this one just mildly cleaned up my skin and prevented spots and patchy skin! It is also not drying, so if I forget to apply moisturiser after washing my face with this, it's not really a problem!

The main problem right now is that it's "expired", knowing that The Body Shop's products must be used within six months of opening! So now I'm out of it and don't know what to do, since we don't have good, branded cleansers in this city! :(

I'm glad you have finally taken your skin doctor's advice, and that the product is working for you! Maybe it won't be as drying in summer! :)

Just to let you know, I'm having a massive Val Day giveaway over at my blog, with products worth $560! Do check it out! :)

Lots of love,

Tracy D said...

Hey Pammy, great review. I completely understand what you mean about love/hate relationships with skin care. I have a lotion that I use with glycolic acid, gave it up for awhile and now am back to using it again every few days. I think it does do great things for my skin, so it's worth it in the end. Do you only get this online or at a dermatologist's office or is there somewhere else to buy it?

Unknown said...

@Glamadazzle-Hi there!!! Thanks for sharing about the Body Shop's Aloe cleanser! My skin really likes aloe products so I will certainly check that out sometime! Thanks for stopping by! :) XOXO!

@mybestbeautybuys-Hey Tracy! The only place I know to purchase this is at my Derm's office and online. :) Thanks for stopping by! :) XOXO!

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