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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Setting up a "Vanity" area! (Sans Vanity, lol!)...and the hunt for a Vanity Table

Hello there my lovely readers!

The more I move forward with beauty-blogging, the more that I have realized that I need some "personal space" to do so! I mean, its not just a beauty-thing or a blogging-thing, but I think that all of us girls need our own "space". Its just nice! I mean, the men get their "man caves" and "offices"...we get beauty areas! :)

I have always wanted a "Vanity" in my home, but we are pretty tight on space with living in a home in an urban area. Well, blogging has motivated me to "find some room"! :) And, my Mom gave me an amazing Conair Vanity Light up Mirror for Christmas. So, what can I say? I was motivated today!!!

With the expenditure that was Christmas, it might be another month or so before I am able to purchase a Vanity table, but figured I could go ahead and work with things I already have in the basement! So, I
"shopped my basement" and got creative! :) I spent a few hours today getting this all set up today and couldn't resist sharing some photos with ya'll!!! This is all set up in our spare bedroom that we weren't really using anyway. Sweet! My own spot! I LOVE it already. :) I can now keep all the items that I need to photograph, test, and review organized! :) Yay!!!

Okay, first of is what I am looking at as far as vanity tables. If any of you guys have one of these, please let me know how you like it!!!

From IKEA:

LOVE this one. Probably my fav. 
I am a fan of clean lines. Sleek and Uncomplicated. LOVE!

This one is great too! Especially since it is less expensive...
and I don't really need it to have a mirror. 

This one is probably the best deal (so, I will likely get this one)...
With a coupon, right around $100. Plus, that includes the bench.
And, I like the fold away mirror and drawers. 
Not as "Sleek" as Ikea, but practical and affordable. 

So, here is the actual space that I have set up now! :) Pretty good considering this is all stuff found in my basement! 

 The basics....a chair, wicker storage, small table
and a couple lamps. 

You can see it all a little better without the Chair. When I get my 
Vanity Table it will go here with the wicker basket to one side
(and I would totally spray paint the wicker storage unit white...
yes, I love gettin crafty!) 

A close up! And, lol, you can see my "Pammy Blogs" notepaper 
that I had made. I needed something cute to include when adding 
a personal note with my giveaways! ;) This is where I will be swatching 
and snapping photos! The lighting is great in this room! 

Plenty of space to store items that I am testing! :) 

Just a "sneak peek" for ya'll, so you will 
know whats coming for reviews!!! 
Fun Stuff!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading and looking at these photos! It will be fun shopping around for a Vanity! :) Yay!!! 


Ai said...

Ooohhh love the one from IKEA!! Second place for me would be Bed Bath and Beyond. I have one table in my apartment, for eating, homework, and makeup haha. I only dream of having a vanity :P


Unknown said...

@Candy Apples-Hey Ai!!! Yes, I agree...I am really liking the white ones better too! The one from IKEA is TDF!!! But, the affordablity for the BB&B one will probably sway me that direction. :) So fun! Thanks for your input. XOXO!!!!

Anonymous said...

i need the las one! it's just perfect! x

Unknown said...

@TicketToNowhere-I am thinking I agree!!! I double checked the size measurements on that one too...and it is smaller, so it will fit the space the best! Whoo-hoo...I am thinking that one will be *it*! :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I love your area. My bedroom is too small for a vanity and I have been asking my parents to bring up an old desk to use out in my hallway area, but it hasn't happened so far. I really would like somewhere that I could sit and practice my makeup techniques. Its hard to try new things while standing up looking in a little hand held mirror. Thanks for the inspiration, I'm going to get on them now.

Unknown said...

I think shopping for a vanity is the hardest part. I ended up buying a desk, I need to get a better mirror and lighting but I'm hoping to move into our spare room also. I love the wicker baskets they would def look better in white. Good luck finding a vanity. Can't wait to see your space when u do!

Justine (Productrater) said...

I am planning on getting that MALM one from IKEA, the one without the mirror soon. You can always get a light-up mirror to put on the table. I like that it's simple and clean looking, also comes in black. I am sure it won't fit everything that I have though! some of it will have to go in bins on the floor, but all the important, highly-used stuff with go in there.

Unknown said...

@FunnyFaceBeauty-What a sweet comment Alicia! I am so glad that I could inspire you!!! :) The desk in the Hall sounds like a great idea for you. Really the only difference between a desk and vanity might be the mirror, but you could add that! And, ITA... Being able to actually sit while doing makeup would be so relaxing and would inspire creativity! Think of the great looks we will all come up with while at our vanities some day! XOXO!!!

Unknown said...

@ShabbyMakeup-Hey Cassie! Yes, I love the desk that you set up! Nice space!!! You can always add lighting. I am thinking I actually like setting up the space in the spare room better than my bedroom as I get up so early in the morning that I can sit and do my makeup at my vanity without waking up the Hub! :)

Tracy D said...

I vote for #1 or #3. You might want to measure some of those white storage bins to see if they would slide in under the table as well. As you know, you will NEVER have enough storage ;)

Unknown said...

@Productrater-Hey Justine! :) The MALM one is so sleek!!! There is also an amazing matching tower style/slim drawer system that matches it. Those would be amazing together. Totally agree about the mirror too. You can always mount one. But, really, I would be using my little Conair one anyway. Love the clean look of this style! I am so torn! But, I do fear it might be too large for my space. Especially if I wanted to add the tower drawer to it. Le sigh! Fun to think about! XOXO!!!!

Unknown said...

@Mybestbeautybuys-Tracy, you are so right! You can never have too much storage!!! Especially with the collection I've got going. There will for sure be drawers underneath. The wicker unit on the side is only for "test" products...but, I will still need space for my everyday items! ;) more research must be done! :) thanks for your input! xoxo!!!

The Editor said...

i love your little vanity corner already! good luck shopping for the new table! :P

Ania said...

I really like IKEA, I have a table ('vanity' ;P) from this store and a lot of other things. Love it

Unknown said...

@birminghamlady and @ania-
Thanks girls! I am so excited about vanity shopping...wish I could get it today! ;)

Kim Axani said...

You've created such a darling little space for all things beauty/blogging related =)
I know how you feel, I have this incesant (sp) love for vanity tables too, that's why I renamed my blog "Kim's Vanity" ! lol .... But like you, I need to get an actual one, right now, my "vanity" is my bathroom mirror, haha!!
Love that notepad you had made! Where did you get it made from?
Wishing you many hours of fun at your vanity =)

sugarbumpkin said...

LOVE the one from bed bath and beyond. Gosh I am beyond frustrated with my own lack of space right now. I was seriously JUST about to blog about it!

Unknown said...

@MissKimmy-Hey girl! :) Thanks!!! Its nice to have a little "space" set up...but, sigh, I can't wait to get the actual vanity! :), that inpsired the new name of your blog! Too funny! Hopefully we will both have a real one real soon! ;) The notepad is from figured since I purchased a logo, I might as well use it! Plus, I thought it would be pretty to include a note with my giveaways and I got cards made too! XOXO!!!

Unknown said...

@SugarBumkin-Hey girl! Yes, I think I have totally decided on that one from Bed/Bath...kinda love the flip up mirror idea! :) And, I know...wish there was more space!

Jacenda LeeAnn said...

It looks really cute so far! I love the first one! I have been saying foreverrrr I am going to do this and get all my stuff organized in one spot. I have everything bought I just haven't got around to doing it. You have inspired me to get this all done for the new year!! Can't wait to see it all when you get your new vanity!

Unknown said...

@JacendaLeeAnn-Thanks girl!!! :) I am all about makin it look cute! ;) Oh, you must set up your area and post pictures too! I get inspired by seeing what everyone else does! I am super excited to get the vanity as that is when I can really get organized and move all my makeup over from the hallway bathroom to this little area. Can't wait! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! XOXO!!!

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