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Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween mini-haul at Bath & Body Works: "Boo" gift

Just a quick post to share this super cute Halloween-themed gift! My work is doing a "secret friend" type gift exchange where you "Boo" someone with a Halloween/Fall themed gift. We exchange names and then surprise our "Boo" friend at some point this month.

Here is what I picked up for my "Boo friend" at Bath and Body Works

The haunted house gift bag is TDF cute! In the bag I am going to put a bag of candy corns, the Candy Corn Anti-bact hand gel, and the Jack-o-Lantern soap (the label glows in the dark). I think I will surprise her with this on Monday! :)

While I was in Bath and Body, I caught a good sale on hand soaps (4 for $15) and the mini Anti-Bact Hand gels were 5 for $5...I, of course, picked up the "Vampire Blood" (plum scented) ones for some of my girlfriends!

Here's the haul:

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Unknown said...

There are some great sales! :)

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