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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Biore Skin Preservation Dual Fusion Moisturizer + SPF 30: review

I have been testing the Biore Skin Preservation Dual Fusion Moisturizer + SPF 30 (P.S. Check out this link for a cool demo video of the "no residue" left behind from this SPF) for the past couple weeks. Overall, I am thinking that this product is a keeper! Will it replace my beloved Skinmedica TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer + SPF 20...well, it is a definate possibility! Biore is much less expensive!  I think more time will tell if this can replace the Skinmedica (becuase I would much rather love an inexpensive product!!!). But so far, so good. Which says alot considering that I have sensitive skin with skin allergies to SPF and product fragarences.

The Biore is a great affordable option for a daily SPF for girls with sensitive skin. The Dual Fusion line by Biore is targeted towards "Transition Skin, skin that's between acne and serious anti-aging" (that wording was taken directly from the packaging). Well, that sums up my skin. I have no breakouts but also no wrinkles. I dont need all those extra anti-aging ingredients (yet?!?!) that can irritate; but, also I don't need any anti-acne ingredients either. I just need a good, basic, non-irritating daily mositurizer with SPF. This fits the bill.

I hate to start out already with a "gripe"...but, I have to tell ya'll...the packaging stinks!!! There are two "chambers". One houses a the green moisturizing cream (why it is green...I have no idea, but it could possibly be to conteract redness?) and the white SPF cream. When you pump, it is *supposed* to release product from both chambers. Well, upon opening I had to pump about 6-8 times...and only white product was coming out! So, I ended up taking off the cap, and pumping out the green with my fingers on the "tube" until it finally came out and then I replaced the cap. After that, both the green and the white were pumping out just fine. But, what a pain in the heiny! Biore for sure needs to work on that. I like the idea of "dual" chambers, but lets get that pump working properly! I mean, really, the dual chambers are just a gimmick. But, seriously, this is my ONLY complaint about this wonderful product.

The lotion has a "gel" like consistancy and applies much like a gel moisturizer. The lotion just sinks right into the skin. No need to "rub" it in. This Biore feels like it is melting into your skin and immediately hydrating it. It has an ever so slight green tea scent. It leaves my skin lightly moisturized and slightly dewy (but NOT greasy, yay!). Also, it provides an ideal base for makeup.

I have not noticed any irritation bumps nor an increase in redness in my cheeks. As far as its mositurizing properties, this lotion is moisturizing enough for my normal-dry, no additional moisturizer needed. But, drier skins might need a bit more moisture (especially in the colder months). My skin stays hydrated all day with this, no break-through dry patches

According to the packaging, this product contains "Botanamide Technology" with natural antioxidants. Antioxidants are always a plus when combined with SPF. Although, honestly, I have no idea what "Botanamide Technology" really means.

I found mine at Ulta and have also seen it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Kroger. While Walgreen's and CVS carry Biore...they did not have this particular product nor much from the Skin Preservation line in my area. I hope to try some more Biore products in the future. They have a Skin Preservation eye cream that looks very promising.

Hope you enjoyed this review! I know that I will continue to use this product and hope to see and try more products from this skincare range.

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