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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cheap Thrill: N.Y.C. (New York Color) Blushable Creme Sticks: Review

Just because I have been bananas about blush lately (especially cream blushes)...

Here I am with another Cheap Thrill article and product rave! I love these Blushable Creme Sticks from New York Color

These blush sticks are *awesome*!!! Seriously ya'll these are my fav blushes right now and the ones I reach for most often. They come in six shades in the permanent collection, but NYC has also released some limited edition shades. I have Plaza Pink (a beautiful peachy-pink) and Big Apple Blush(soft rose-pink) from the permanent collection.

Here are some swatches of Plaza Pink and Big Apple Blush. I tried to apply heavy so that you can see the color. But, obviously, you would blend the color out more on your cheeks.

  • Very inexpensive product. I believe they are only $2.99 each? A total bargain!
  • The packaging is totally cute. I love it that the stick itself is the color of the blush inside. Simple, but chic. 
  • The blush applies as a sheer color that is buildable. There is no shimmer in this product. The texture is that of a gel/cream. It glides on like a gel which makes it extremely easy to blend. You can apply with the stick itself, your fingers, or with a blush brush. I prefer to just swipe it on with my fingers to the apples of my cheeks and blend upwards and outwards along my cheekbone. 
  • This stick is huge! I have been using this almost every day and have hardly made a dent in the stick (a little product goes a long way. I usually just dab a little bit on my finger and then blend that out) I almost can't even imagine ever using it up. 
  • It is a portable size to toss in your purse for touch ups. Just be careful to not leave your purse/makeup in a hot car, as the product could melt. 
  • The only con for this product is that the color will every-so-slightly fade throughout the day. So, you could either apply a little heavier at first (knowing it will fade) or touch up throughout the day. Tip: To make your blush last longer, you could always layer a sheer coordinating powder blush on top. Layering cream and powder products helps the color to adhere to your face. 

Love these!!!

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Jennifer Shelton said...

Hey Girlie,

OK, upon your rave, I gave this stick a shot. The color I bought (Mauvin' Uptown) does have a bit of shimmer in it. I am normally NOT a fan of shimmer, but I have to say ... I really like this blush. On my darker skin, it really does go on sheer, but it has a nice natural/casual look to it. It looses a few points for not being as long-wearing as my Becca Beach Tint, but gains several back for the speed and ease of use. If you're in a hurry to get out the door, this blush is much more forgiving than a stain-type product. Thanks for expanding my repertoire in a most cost-effective way. Gotta love cheap tricks!

My question to you:

Given my darker skin tone, I was looking for the deepest color I could find. They were out of one shade (some kinda berry, I think), and this (Mauvin' Uptown) seemed like the darkest of the available colors. Do you know if it actually is?

Thanks a whole beauty bunch!


Unknown said...

Hey Jennifer! Yay, so glad you like and, yes, I totally agree with the ease of application of this product!!! Just swipe and go! :) Glad that you picked this us and like the blush!!! :) I am not totally sure what the shade name is of the darkest color. I believe there are two "berry" names...Berry New Yorker (warm berry) and a Wild Berry (more of a hot pink). So, it seems as if you might have picked the darkest color as I imagine the mauve would be darker. I will check next time I am at Ulta to see what else they have. And, lets keep an eye out to see if they release more limited edition shades! :) P

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