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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yummy Scent for Fall: Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods

Yes, i admit, I was initially drawn to the products because "twilight" is in it’s name, but it was the yummy woodsy-vanilla scent that got me in the end.

I got a Bath and Body Works (BBW) gift-card for my birthday this year. And, I admit, I hadn't been to a BBW in years. So, I was excited to check out all the "new” scents. Of course, they were having a fabulous sale (Buy 3 get 3 free, summer sale)…so, I was able to try 3 new scents! Twilight Woods, Butterfly Flower, and Rainkissed Leaves. While it has been hot out, I have been alternating wearing the Butterfly Flower and Rainkissed Leaves scents (also very yummy fragrances).

I am so excited that Fall weather is starting as I can finally wear this scent!!! I have the fragarance mist and the body cream. I find it way too rich and warm to wear in hot weather. But, perfect for the cooler months.

Love this smell so much that I would like to go back for the Twilight woods perfume and some candles so that I can scent my whole house with this!

Do I feel like Bella when I wear it? Does it evoke the very essence of Edward (swoon!)…well, no (haha!!), but I still love it. And with this rainy fall day...yes, it does make me want to re-watch my twilight DVDs.

P.S. Tip: Want coupons? Sign up for BBW’s emails and they will periodically email out coupons.

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